Monday, December 5, 2011

Everthing Kate Middleton!

My other baby is finally out!

A couple of months ago, I was asked to work on a special for OK! Magazine, about the Duchess of Cambridge. Given the super limited time frame, I had to recruit a small team of highly capable people to work on it with me. Enter Camyl from Cosmo (also of Techy Romantics fame), Mimi of Candy, and Cleone of Martha Stewart Weddings. I cannot tell you how much of a godsend these ladies were--they made the work so incredibly efficient, and even enjoyable! (A special thank you to the publishers as well!)

We went through hundreds and hundreds of photos, read a lot of books and news stories, and immersed ourselves in all things Kate. (It would've been nice if we had been sent to the UK for more research, but oh well.) This special is all about Kate's (er, Catherine's) growing-up years, her love affair with William, that spectacular wedding, her personal style, and her current life as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Scandal sells, for sure (read: local showbiz news the past couple of weeks), so it's quite refreshing that people are so interested in someone who's relatively scandal-free. My editor's note:

What is it about Catherine Elizabeth Middleton that we find so fascinating? For the Brits, her future subjects, it may be the hope that she is the antidote to a scandal-wracked monarchy. After decades of unhappy marriages, affairs, and divorces serving as tabloid fodder, the royal family has a new member who, by many accounts, is a well-behaved girl with a perfectly boring past. Possibly the most shocking thing about Kate is that she would supposedly moon boys from her dorm window during her time at Marlborough College.

But what is it about her that appeals to the rest of the world? I think it’s that people find her absolutely relatable. Once a commoner like the rest of us, Kate comes from a working-class family, reportedly experienced bullying at all-girl school Downe House, got down and dirty playing a variety of sports, and till this day does her own grocery shopping (and her own makeup!). She was a regular girl who got her fairy tale in the grandest of fashions. And while women everywhere may begrudge any other would-be princess for bagging one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, there is simply something so likable about Kate that makes other women root for her (or even want to be her, if the skyrocketing sales of outfits she’s worn are any indication) instead.

Kate is a charming mix of paradoxes: sophisticated but not the least bit intimidating, fashionable but with sartorial choices that are attainable, royalty but with a lineage that can be traced back to coal miners. And while she may have been in danger of falling under the shadow of her well-loved mother-in-law, Kate is quietly proving that she is, in fact, her own person—as the Duchess of Cambridge, she is radiant, composed, confident, and still so strangely, wonderfully approachable.
In this special, we reveal how Kate went from a regular British girl to Waity Katie to Catherine, the future Queen of England—and show just what it was that captured Prince William’s heart, and the world’s.


Do grab a copy from the nearest bookstore or newsstand, for P195. It'll make a great Christmas gift for your Kate-fanatic friend!


  1. I love her choice of dresses. Simple and elegant. :)

  2. oh catherine. (yun na lang talaga ang nasabi ko. hahaha.)


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