Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let the Hyperventilating Begin

At 29 weeks. Photo by Dairy Darilag. Makeup by Elaine Ganuelas. Hair by Sonia Castillo. Styling by Pia Rojas. The Most Comfortable Dress Evurr (I can seriously live in this dress!) from Gingersnaps.

How did nine months suddenly turn into nine weeks?!

It's week 31, which means that I have about seven to nine weeks to go before this little one decides to move out of my belly. I have three baby showers scheduled, and I'm still pretty clueless about what to register for. I know I can just go to any old store and ask for a list, but I get the feeling that those lists are padded with non-essentials. So I've been asking mommy-friends about the things that the baby will really need. Space is already an issue as it is. (A weird complaint, considering we live in a three-bedroom duplex.)

I think I'm having a verrry easy pregnancy (knock on wood), but there are still some teeny causes of discomfort. The worst symptoms are peeing every hour, not getting a good night's sleep, having backaches, feeling like I'm drowning when I lie on my back, and getting dark underarms (TMI, I know! But let this serve as a warning to all other women out there who plan to get pregnant!). And I finally know what leg cramps feel like! I wake up in the middle of the night with my calf or my toes cramping up--never, in all my years of dancing and playing sports, had I ever experienced leg cramps. Which tells me that walking around with a baby in your belly puts more stress on your body than five hours of rehearsals or three savage games ever could. 

I'm also about two pounds over my ideal weight gain, and some people might say that's perfectly fine, but it stresses me out. I've gained about 18 to 19 pounds so far, which means I have to be strict about the one-pound-a-week thing from here on out. I'm told the last few weeks are the toughest--you can gain four pounds in a week!

I'm also starting to worry about the shape I'll be in after I deliver. While I'm concerned about the aesthetics (loose, flabby skin, unrecognizable breasts), the bigger concern is functionality. I'm scared that I'll be too exhausted or too lazy or too unmotivated to drop the 20+ pounds (and then some, if I want to get back to my wedding weight!). I'm scared that I won't run as fast as I used to. I'm scared that it'll be ages before I can walk uphill and not lose my breath.

But it's all worth it. I think I'm really falling in love with this little monster, even though we haven't met. Sometimes the kicks are kind of painful, but I don't mind at all. The 3 a.m. squirming keeps me up, but I love feeling him/her move around. Sometimes H and I look at my lopsided tummy, at a weird little bump, and try to figure out what body part is pressing against me. One time, we figured it was a foot and probably annoyed the little thing by tickling it. Haha.

Nine weeks before we meet him/her. Nine weeks before our lives change completely.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Murphy's Law: This AM's Official Sponsor

Murphy certainly had his way with me this morning.

First, I excitedly put on a beautiful maxi dress that I had been planning to wear for weeks. I figured the start of week 30 would be a great day to wear it. My husband tried in vain to zip it up, but somewhat hesitantly told me there was at least a two-inch gap, and it just wouldn't close. I don't even know why I was surprised--the fabric didn't have a lot of give, plus I've gone up at least a band and cup size since getting pregnant.

Next, I tried on outfit two, which was supposed to go with some wedges. A sandal strap had come off, so I was trying to mend it with superglue. The superglue cap was sealed shut, and some of the stuff was trickling out of a hole. H wisely advised me to toss it. I (very unwisely) didn't listen to him. I dripped superglue all over the floor and got some on my fingers. In a panic, I quickly dropped everything I was holding, and accidentally tossed my sandal down the stairs. (Even I don't know how I managed to do this.) So I wasn't able to fix my shoe, and I got a crust of superglue all over my digits.

Since I couldn't wear those shoes, I had to change my outfit again. No big mishap. But as I was trying to get my curlers out, one of them got all tangled up in my hair. My husband was running late, so I just tried to yank the damn thing out. I did, along with a clump of hair. On the bright side, it gave my hairdo a nicely disheveled look!

So finally, I got to work. I went up to the scanner for attendance--and the machine wouldn't recognize my superglue-covered finger!

In my youth (ha), I would have been in such a bad mood, and would have given Murphy's Law the finger. But today, I just laughed through it. I guess I've grown up huh? And at the very least, I had something to blog about!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are You Living a Full Life?

I love this post by Alexis of Alexis Laughs. She works, goes to school, volunteers at church, runs a household, and she's pregnant--phew! Her post is all about how she learned to figure out the things that really mattered, and let go of the ones that just ate up her time. She cites an interesting talk, entitled Of Regrets and Resolutions. (And P.S. If only homilies at Sunday mass were like this, I think I would find them more engaging!)

Even if you aren't particularly religious, you might find that the talk has some great insights. My favorite part:

"Isn’t it true that we often get so busy? And, sad to say, we even wear our busyness as a badge of honor, as though being busy, by itself, was an accomplishment or sign of a superior life."

My big realization: A busy life is not equal to a full life.

Lately, I've found myself with some extra time in my hands, mostly because I can't do some of the things that used to fill my schedule (like playing sports and going out). On some days, all I want to do is rest because this little monster is getting a bit heavy, so I do appreciate the slower pace. On other days, however, I feel incredibly bored, and I miss being on the go go go. But now, reflecting on the things that kept me busy, and on the things that I want to do, I have to ask myself some important questions: Do these things make my life fuller? Do they help me live the best life, a life with no regrets?

Are you living a full (as opposed to simply a busy) life?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hullo, Third Trimester!

I am at 28 weeks and officially in the third trimester. As Mr. Lodge would say, egad!

My only photo so far at 28 weeks--I can still fit into those jeans!

We finally know the baby's sex, but I won't be revealing it any time soon since my team has a bet going. (Haha.) At the latest checkup, he/she was still in breech position, so I'm a teeny bit worried. But I've got some weeks to go, and I've been trying a couple of ways to get him/her to turn: playing music down by my, er, nether regions, and putting something cold against the top of my stomach. (H was probably wondering why I was holding a bag of frozen veggies against me, but he just didn't ask.) He/She is also low average in terms of size, which surprised me considering how people have been remarking about how huge my belly is. Then again, I should be more surprised if tiny me produced a giant baby! Doc isn't worried, and she's pretty pleased with my weight gain. I've pretty much adhered to her one-pound-a-week rule (save for last month when I gained an extra pound after too much merrymaking...).

Overnight, it seems, I've turned into a preggers cliche: My stomach has suddenly begun to feel incredibly heavy and itchy, I can no longer lie on my back, I'm peeing all the frickin' time, I have to deal with acid reflux, and I sweat even with the A/C on full blast and the fan pointed straight at me! To deal with the itchiness, I guess I have to step up on my belly moisturization. Since the first trimester, I've been applying all sorts of products to keep my tummy skin supple, in the hopes of preventing stretch marks. I started with the Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick.

Available at The Body Shop

I purchased one during a Body Shop event, and the next time they sent me some products, they so sweetly included another stick! (Thanks, Body Shop!) I've since gone through both sticks.

As recommended by our art director, I also got me a bottle of the Body Shop's Olive Oil Dry Mist Oil. I've also been using it on my legs when I wear shorts because it gives my skin a nice sheen.

And just recently, my sister-in-law (also pregnant!) gave me Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.
 Available at Beauty Bar

It's got cocoa, shea, and jojoba butters, but surprisingly has no scent. It's nice and thick, and I really feel like my skin has some extra moisture locked in when I apply it.

I've been slathering on a product every morning after showering and every night before going to bed, but it looks like I'll have to add a midday application. Reeeally hoping these will keep my tummy blemish-free. I'm also hoping the extra padding I had before the pregnancy would help keep stretch marks at bay--I read somewhere that thin people tend to get stretch marks since their skin doesn't have much give to begin with. If that's true, then hurray for belly flab!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Ready for the Esquire Ball

Days before:
  • Try on different outfits. Wail about how nothing fits anymore. (30 minutes)
  • Once dress is finalized, look for appropriate accessories. (15 minutes)
Day of:
  • Shower. (15 minutes)
  • Get hair done. (40 minutes)
  • Put on makeup. (30 minutes)
  • Choose appropriate (no-VPL or -VBL) undies. (15 minutes)
  • Put on dress, accessories. (5 minutes)
  • Shoe emergency! Change into backup shoes after first choice decides to retire just before leaving the house. (2 minutes)
Total: 2 hours and 32 minutes

Day before:
  •  Check if suit is clean. (1 minute)
Day of:
  • Shower. (10 minutes)
  • Put on suit. (5 minutes)
  • Select tie. (1 minute)
Total: 17 minutes (does not include 20-minute nap)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sign It. Now.

When Jim Henson passed away, Kermit the Frog was perched beside his casket with a sign saying, "I've lost my voice."

That's kind of how the Filipino people feel today.

Today is the death of freedom of speech. Our lawmakers (the very same ones that we put into power) saw it fit to pass The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. While I understand the need for protection against cybercrimes, the law has some very scary parts. So scary, in fact, that Filipinos are now protesting what's being called cyber martial law. It's interesting to note that our president signed the damn thing--the son of the very president who had a "never again" campaign. Never say never?

This whole cyber martial law thing is very upsetting. I do not just feel stripped of my rights as a writer, blogger, and social media user--I feel oppressed as a free citizen of a supposedly democratic country. If you feel the same way, sign the petition now. Write to your senators. Make some noise.

(Just know that whatever you say online can get you thrown in jail. No bail.)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Frivolous Things I Want for the Nursery

In the midst of booking birthing classes and researching breast pumps, I find myself daydreaming about what I want to do with the nursery. Sure, we have important decisions to make when it comes to the little monster's room (like: convertible crib or Pack N Play?), but truth be told, I seem to be thinking more about aesthetics! I'm dying to repaint, but with all the (more important) expenses and the fact that we don't know how long we're staying in this house, it just doesn't seem to make sense.

Other things that don't make sense, but that I really want:

An Eames Rocker. Some people say that rocking a baby to sleep is a good idea, while others say it isn't (they get too used to being lulled to sleep in that way). My reason for wanting this iconic chair has nothing to do with that. Har. I just like how it looks!
I do know that I'll need a chair in there, and I just want something as comfy as possible. While La-Z-Boys seem ideal, working at Real Living magazine kind of turned me into a bit of a design snob.:s The most comfortable chair that I've ever laid my butt on is Kenneth Cobonpue's Oasis. Never mind that it's made for outdoors (I was told that it's on all these designer yachts)--sitting on that thing is HEAVEN!

A cowhide rug. Even a faux cowhide rug. It seems like the perfect floor covering to go with an Eames Rocker!

Tord Boontje's Midsummer light. I know it's so eight years ago, but I've always found it so purty and have wanted it for years. I am still kicking myself for not getting one on sale a few years back.

Putumayo World Music. Loaded in my iPod and connected to some cute speakers.

The monster and I have been listening to a bit of music in the evenings, and he/she seems to respond to Putumayo French Cafe (and Mozart). I really want to expose him/her to all sorts of music from all over the world. I imagine us starting each day with music from a different country.

I guess it's kind of obvious from the list that I don't really want anything too kiddie for the nursery. I really don't want a primary-color-and-cartoon-character overload. I just want something cozy and soothing and kind of elegant. But with all the preps that have to be done, I won't be surprised if we end up with a room that has nothing but the bare minimum! Sigh.