Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Murphy's Law: This AM's Official Sponsor

Murphy certainly had his way with me this morning.

First, I excitedly put on a beautiful maxi dress that I had been planning to wear for weeks. I figured the start of week 30 would be a great day to wear it. My husband tried in vain to zip it up, but somewhat hesitantly told me there was at least a two-inch gap, and it just wouldn't close. I don't even know why I was surprised--the fabric didn't have a lot of give, plus I've gone up at least a band and cup size since getting pregnant.

Next, I tried on outfit two, which was supposed to go with some wedges. A sandal strap had come off, so I was trying to mend it with superglue. The superglue cap was sealed shut, and some of the stuff was trickling out of a hole. H wisely advised me to toss it. I (very unwisely) didn't listen to him. I dripped superglue all over the floor and got some on my fingers. In a panic, I quickly dropped everything I was holding, and accidentally tossed my sandal down the stairs. (Even I don't know how I managed to do this.) So I wasn't able to fix my shoe, and I got a crust of superglue all over my digits.

Since I couldn't wear those shoes, I had to change my outfit again. No big mishap. But as I was trying to get my curlers out, one of them got all tangled up in my hair. My husband was running late, so I just tried to yank the damn thing out. I did, along with a clump of hair. On the bright side, it gave my hairdo a nicely disheveled look!

So finally, I got to work. I went up to the scanner for attendance--and the machine wouldn't recognize my superglue-covered finger!

In my youth (ha), I would have been in such a bad mood, and would have given Murphy's Law the finger. But today, I just laughed through it. I guess I've grown up huh? And at the very least, I had something to blog about!

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