The 100 Kisses Project

In the spirit of 30-before-30/35-before-35/50-before-50/(insert number here)-before-(insert same number here) bucket lists, my husband and I have decided to come up with our own little list: The 100 Kisses Project. We'll be chronicling a hundred kisses, whether they're at a new place, in the midst of a new experience, or during a milestone--memories we make as husband and wife.

I use the term "list" loosely here because we don't really have a hard-and-fast list of 100 things. For the most part, we're just winging it. A few kisses we've thought of though:

1. On our honeymoon (yup, we still haven't gone on our official honeymoon!)
2. While tandem bungee-jumping
3. In New York
4. In Paris
5. In Italy (Rome? Capri? Venice? We haven't quite decided)
6. At a U2 concert
7. At the 2014 World Cup
8. At Oktoberfest
9. At the birth of our kids

The 100 Kisses Project is a diary of sorts of our shared experiences, a testament to our life as one team. Life is one big adventure, and I realized that it's so much better when I have Hamil by my side!
If you'd like to read about what we've done so far, just click on "100 Kisses Project" under Labels. Now, go have your own adventures--and give life a big, fat kiss!