Sunday, November 25, 2012


I thought my first official baby shower was going to be yesterday, but my wonderful co-workers surprised me with one last Friday! And because I wasn't prepared (i.e., I wasn't able to charge my camera), this one Instagram photo will have to do for now...

Photo by Cosmo's EIC/Instagrammer Extraordinaire Myrza Sison

Details (clockwise from top left):
  1. As I was walking down a corridor, I saw one of the girls clutching Japanese paper. I just figured she was working on a racket without telling me. Haha. They decorated the pantry with these hanging pouffs. On the table: a delicious spread from Conti's, including my absolute favorite baked salmon!
  2. Super cute colorful plastic spoons and forks. We all wanted a mismatched pair when it came time to eat! And the polka-dot table cloth is courtesy of...the prop room. Haha. It reminded me of an adorable office baby shower that I saw in the now-defunct Blueprint (I loooved this magazine!).
  3. A giddy me! I was super touched that they went through all that trouble. The entire GH staff was there, plus friends from other magazines. On that day, I was wearing my trusty black maxi dress and a chambray shirt knotted above my bump. Not seen: my zebra-print flats.
  4. A fantastic white chocolate cheesecake with macadamia nut brittle from Kitchen's Best! Ermegerd. If I didn't have a weigh-in to worry about, I would've finished the damn thing. IT WAS SO FRICKIN' GOOD.
And as if all these weren't enough, they gave me my coveted Flexibath! I had been wanting this collapsible, space-saving tub ever since Frances recommended it. And now it's mine! (Er, the monster's!)

I can't thank my team enough. Not only are they so talented, hardworking, and such a joy to work with, but they're also so incredibly thoughtful. I joked that the last thing one should do is spring a surprise on a heavily pregnant woman, but I do love surprises, and I am very very grateful! A little thank you *kick* from monster as well!


  1. That was a lovely surprise shower! But I thought moms-to-be didn't need to worry about weigh-ins???

    1. My doctor's pretty chill about a lot of things, but she's quite strict when it comes to the weight gain. I'm pretty obedient when it comes to managing my weight because I want a normal delivery, plus it'd be easier for me to lose the weight after I give birth. So far, I'm on track, but haven't checked since my week of wanton eating.:s


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