Saturday, December 22, 2012

As Ready As We'll Ever Be

I was getting stressed out trying to figure out the nursery situation. There was so much stuff in the guest room that we needed to get rid of--the bed, the computer desk, the clutter that had accumulated over three years. And then I realized: We don't need a nursery just yet. Who needs the added stress? Besides, the little monster will be staying in our room anyway, at least for a few months.

So I just decluttered, had our trusty helper do a major cleanup (cleaning screens, laundering curtains), and then set up a space for monster in our bedroom. Our Pack n Play isn't coming til next month, so I borrowed a lovely bassinet from Frances, then I got a chest of drawers (a steal at less than P6,000! That's about $140) for all the baby clothes and receiving blankets and towels. Our hospital bags are all packed. And H got me a super comfy chair for nursing as a Christmas gift--we haven't set it up yet though. All I need now is a diaper caddy.

I never thought I would reach the stage when I would want this baby to come out already. I thought, the longer he stayed in there, the better. But yesterday, after struggling to strap on my sandals and feeling this little one constantly (and painfully) pushing against my ribs, I decided I was ready. So, little monster, any time you're ready. Mommy and Daddy are waiting. 

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