Sunday, April 28, 2013

Work through the Eyes of Instagram

So this is what work looks like.

A cover shoot at a super cute store (more in a future post).

An outfit photo for our OOTD posts.

Lunch at a new restaurant.

Mad for Garlic, an Italian resto from Korea

A date with a star(fish).

Shocking pink nails from the launch of Orly's new line of polish.

 Hmm my phone didn't save the Instagram version. I thought this thing was supposed to be smart?

Invitations to events. "Special dessert buffet," you say?

...I'm there!

P.S. We got to take home six cupcakes of our choice!

A malunggay bouquet from our office security guard--he says he has an abundance of it at home and he thought I, being a nursing mother, would want some. Aww.

A sweet treat!

I can't see myself ever going back to a desk job.

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  1. The malunggay bouquet. Super cool, super sweet!

  2. Hey Tisha! My office mates and I saw you during that photo shoot. I wanted to talk to you but I felt shy hehe. I love your skirt! I used to work for Summit also. :)

    1. Just say hi.:) Skirt is from Forever21.


Oh, so sweet of you to drop a line!:)