Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Fourth Month

On his fourth month, A:
  • Gained 17 grams a day (above the average 10 to 15 grams a day).
  • Grew 4 cm.
  • Started showing off--he now easily rolls over from his back to his stomach, both left and right sides. And he does this again and again and again. But he seems to have forgotten how to roll from his stomach to back.
  • Would wake up at 4 am, wanting to play. This is supposedly called reverse cycling--when baby wakes up at odd hours to spend time with mommy, who's at work all day. I'm flattered, sure, but I also need my sleep! I try not to make eye contact when I change his nappy in the middle of the night, and when he gets chatty, I just turn off the light and let him babble away in his crib til he falls asleep again.
  • Started using cloth diapers. Yay Mother Earth!
  • Discovered that next to milk, he likes the taste of his lampin.
  • Started really laughing. (He loves our helper's antics, and I can get him to laugh sometimes by having him do a boxing combination. In the words of my former trainer: "Jab-strit-uppercut-right hook-lip hook!") Such a joy to hear!
  • Started changing...on some days he looks like his daddy, on others, he looks like me. And since I was once told that I look like Jericho Rosales (whut?), it looks like we've got a future Mr. Pogi!
How you doin'?

We be chillin'.


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!!

    He's very handsome--and smart. He didn't forget how to roll from stomach to back, he just wants to be on his stomach. :)


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