Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Workweek's Worth of Outfits (or, OOTW)

Because I promised myself that I wouldn't turn losyang after having a kid. I'm not a fashionista, but lately people have been telling me that I'm their mommy peg (aww thanks, guys!), so um I guess I'm doing something right. My outfits for one week of work:

Monday: Just a regular day at work. H&M silk blouse, 50th Avenue origami shorts, Forever 21 ankle booties, and Topshop necklace.

Tuesday: Fancy dinner with New York bosses at our big boss's (super-Instagrammable-but-I-restrained-myself) house. Chloe dress (there's a shimmery animal-print-ish layer peeking out from underneath the sheer violet layer), white and gold Australian ankle-strap heels, and Tory Burch bag. 

Wednesday: Regular day at the office. Forever 21 nude lace top and tank, Jag straight-cut indigo jeans, The Ramp blazer, Parisian nude pumps, Aranaz bag.

Thursday: Ocular inspection of possible cover shoot locations. Black People Are People top, department store jeans, army green Bayo vest, Payless heels, Mango Touch bag, Forever 21 sunnies, bangles were a gift.

Friday: Family dinner. The Ramp dress, CMG sandals (because I needed a break after wearing heels for four straight days), SM necklace.

I know a lot of mommies have a tough time getting dressed after having kids, not just because your body after childbirth feels completely alien (I've always thought that it's much harder to dress a post-pregnancy body than it is to dress a pregnant one) but also because of the lack of time (I am thankful for the help that I have, which at least gives me time to shower! I have friends who aren't as lucky). A few tips to help my fellow mommies who may be struggling--and judging by my magazine's Mommy Makeover letters, there are a few out there:
  1. Know your body. This helps you figure out which cuts to go for and which ones you shouldn't even have in your wardrobe. For example: The black top in my Thursday outfit used to be a crew-neck top. I had the neckline widened because crew-neck tops aren't flattering on me--they end up making me look bigger, maybe because I have a large-ish rib cage. I also have a high waist, so I tend to avoid fit-and-flare dresses; they make me look even more squat and rotund.
  2. Know your style. I'm more of a classic dresser. I throw in the occasional trend (see Monday: origami shorts), but generally I stick to basic pieces. I'm also minimalist when it comes to accessories. I hardly ever wear earrings! When I do wear bling, I normally have either just a necklace OR bangles. But if you're a maximalist, by all means, pile it on! I think a lot of this minimalism stems from the fact that I have a toddler who likes grabbing things.
  3. You don't have to spend a bundle. I don't buy designer stuff--that gorgeous Chloe dress is actually from Pam Q's sale and the Tory Burch bag was a gift. A lot of my clothes and accessories are department store finds.
  4. Layer. Blazers (see Wednesday), vests (see Thursday), cardigans--these are things you can toss over more form-fitting or sheer tops or dresses that you might otherwise feel self-conscious in. 
  5. Plan. I was inspired by our assistant fashion editor Nina, who plans her outfits for the week. She says it keeps her from being late. I find that I begin my workdays with less stress when I already know what I'll be wearing. It's just one less thing to think about, making mornings less frantic.
Any tips you'd like to share?:)

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