Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here I Am!

Photo by Ocs Alvarez

So many things have happened since I started my old blogs (Street But Sweet and Diary of a Food Lover)--I got married, moved out of the family home, took a big career step (more on that in future posts!), and have started trying to master the balancing act that so many other women in the same place try to accomplish every single day. Here, Tishie Tishie (named after my Multiply site) chronicles my life as I do my best to nurture my marriage and relationships with family and friends, keep a home, work full-time, stay active, eat at both mainstream and off-the-beaten track restos, travel, and everything in between. It's my life, right here, right now--and every day is an adventure! So keep readin' if it's something that interests you, and share your own adventures as well!


  1. hi! welcome to the blogging world. clicked your link from frances' post. will add you in my blog roll. =)

  2. Hey thanks! I've actually been blogging for about seven years. Haha. But new life, new blog!:)


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