Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Li'l Spring in Your Step

SM, I heart you. Your oh-so-reasonably priced Parisian line of shoes has some really delightful designs now. My latest find:

Absolute cuteness! Perfect for spring! In fact, they are most definitely a part of my spring wardrobe for my upcoming trip to New York! They aren't entirely comfortable, but I've lasted a day with a fair amount of walking in them. They've gotten so many compliments already. And they're less than P800!

I'm due for a shoe-shopping trip before I leave in a couple of weeks. Will be posting more of my finds!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boracay Open 2010 Top 10

No Jonah's or Real Coffee this year, no Sarah and Dondi and Gladys and Gregory and Jomen. But Boracay Open 2010 was still pretty kick-ass...

1. Because of awesome photos like these, taken by Fel:

(Top) Flying Czar, (above), my jumping pic v. 2010

2. Because I got to play for Dragon Katol.

My adoptive team

I really didn't intend to play (heck, I really didn't intend to go to Boracay Open this year at all!), but when PUA president Onyok and First Lady Gisela asked me if I wanted to play for Roaches, (which volted in with Cebu team D12 to form Katol) I jumped at the chance. This is one of the teams I look up to because they are somehow able to balance being competitive and having fun. Playing for them taught me a few things, and the movement of the disc and the players kind of amazed me. And it felt pretty nice that I was kind of able to contribute!

3. Because I felt the Ultimate Warriors' support even though I didn't play for them.

My Manila team with a Mindanao team

They watched our games and would erupt in chants of "Angluben! Angluben!" whenever I would score!

4. Because I got to see Himmy again!

With fellow "dwarf" Mappy and giant Himmy. Nice one, Doc!

5. Because throughout the course of my three-day stay, I enjoyed great conversations with some awesome people.

With gorgeous Ritz

Case in point, Ritaritz and I were about to go to bed Saturday night (er, Sunday morning) but ended up staying up an extra hour just talking. I am going to miss this girl, aka Boracay Open 2010 Off-the-Field Scoring Machine. (Sorry, Jomen, you've been dethroned as Aklan Regional Champ!)

6. Because we got to play around with a fire dancer!

I gotta say, the Waryoritas are hot!

7. Because a photo of Czar's toenails made me laugh so hard I cried.

8. Because I got a brand new battle scar. OK, so maybe that wasn't a big highlight. But it sure was memorable. During one game, I was running towards the endzone when a guy from the other team rammed into me. He was running at full speed too, so we both fell and skidded across the sand, with his full weight on me. I don't know if there was a rock there or something. I had the wind knocked out of me but played on, only to find a mixture of sand and blood on my arm after I was subbed. After brushing all the sand away, I found that a patch of skin was gone! Like, eyew. Map and I joked that, had I not been wearing a shirt, I would've tweeted "Lost my nip in Bora." Double eyew.

I would've posted a pic without the gauze, but it's not for the fainthearted.

Manila (the player, not the city) was "nice" enough to give me some nail polish-like substance that turns into some sort of protective plastic, so I was able to play on. Hurt like hell though. And it hurt even more when I dipped my tocino in saltwater to dry it out!

9. Because my team played the funnest game of the tourney versus... my other team! With an everyone-on-your-knees point, an all-girl point, a ninja point, a piggyback point, and Mike and Doc's winner faux two-point bomb, how could it not be fun? (Not so much for our marshal though. Haha.)

Piggyback point

On a related note: I was part of the winning team of beach patintero (Dumaguete redux), which entitled me to free Zagu. Even though I contributed absolutely nothing to the team. Haha.

10. Because I saw a few things that maybe I shouldn't have seen...

Don't ask!

But which nonetheless made the trip one for the books!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here I Am!

Photo by Ocs Alvarez

So many things have happened since I started my old blogs (Street But Sweet and Diary of a Food Lover)--I got married, moved out of the family home, took a big career step (more on that in future posts!), and have started trying to master the balancing act that so many other women in the same place try to accomplish every single day. Here, Tishie Tishie (named after my Multiply site) chronicles my life as I do my best to nurture my marriage and relationships with family and friends, keep a home, work full-time, stay active, eat at both mainstream and off-the-beaten track restos, travel, and everything in between. It's my life, right here, right now--and every day is an adventure! So keep readin' if it's something that interests you, and share your own adventures as well!