Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Empire State of Mind

I've seriously been missing New York lately.

I've only been there a handful of times, but it's one of my absolute favorite places, and I feel quite at home there. Last year, I was privileged enough to go twice. I believe it was The Secret in full effect--that photo above was my wallpaper, and sometimes, sitting in front of my Mac in the evening, it felt like I was looking out a window onto NYC. At the start of the year, I had also drawn myself in autumn attire, walking through Central Park with Hamil. I ended up going back to the city for work--and walking through Central Park--in the fall. Alas, Hamil couldn't come with me. Perhaps he should have drawn his own picture?

I guess I've just been feeling restless, and there's been some emotional stuff that I've had to deal with (realizing which friendships--and people--are true and which aren't). And I just need an escape. In NYC, at least to a visitor like myself, every day feels like an adventure. And I never feel like I have enough time to do everything I want to do. I want to watch more shows, go into more stores, linger in the park, perhaps toss a disc with friends, properly tour the museums (and get more than a glance at Van Gogh's works), figure out the subway, spend time with my family, and eat, eat, eat. But with Hamil this time.

The Secret, get to work.


  1. I laughed at the line where Hamil should have drawn himself. Ang cute :)

    I'm pretty sure you'll be back in NYC soon! I actually love reading your NYC posts as well as the other travel posts.

    Am sure it'll happen, Tisha! :)

  2. I want to go to New York and wear knee high boots. I swear. That's number 1. Then I'll go do all other fun stuff like shows, museums, the park. Tsk tsk. :P

  3. O_O I've been wanting to go there but I've been discouraged because America has a tendency to say that something is pretty and then when you get there, it's not all that.

    But... I really have to see NY for myself and be the judge . I really wanna go to Central Park. That's the only place I wanna go if I were there. I'm so jealous that you've been there :]

    -Robots in Trouble

  4. Teeyah, husband wants to go to Europe first before letting me drag him to NY. Haha. So not sure how soon I'll be going back! But thanks for the words of encouragement!:)

    Leur, funny, I'm wearing knee-high boots as I type. It's a rainy day!

    Robots in Trouble, hmmm...I dunno if "pretty" is a word I would use to describe NY. Haha. What I love most about it is the energy. And my family and friends there!

  5. I wanna go to NY too for Broadway! But I have to agree with your hubby on Europe. I'd like to see Europe first before I go back to the US!

  6. im in time reading your blog, just had my approval visa this morning. i couldnt wait to visit NY too.

    happy weekend

  7. Meedge, I do miss Europe. But I miss NY in a way that I would miss a sort-of second home.:o Three years ago, I told myself that I would go back every other year. We'll see.

    RAROSSN, ENJOY!!! Say hi to Elphaba for me!:)

  8. P.S. The Empire State rooftop is more famous, but the view from the top of Rockefeller Center is better.:)


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