Thursday, June 16, 2011

Filler Post

Sorry I know I haven't posted in agesss. Got back from Shanghai yesterday. Will blog about the trip soon. For now, I leave you with my one and only note from Facebook--25 random facts about me that I posted a couple of years ago and just read again today.

1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be: a doctor, an archaeologist, a teacher (I come from a family of teachers), an interior designer, and Miss Universe. Not necessarily in that order.

2. In kindergarten, up until early grade school, my brothers would make fun of me when I would speak in English (laking-Tagalog kami). It's funny how I ended up becoming an editor.

3. I can't light matches. Or lighters for that matter.

4. I have this weird habit of pressing my lips against that area opposite my elbow. My mom tells me my dad does this too.

5. I have my dad's eyes, my mom's eyebrows, my dad's lips, my mom's jaw, my mom's ears ("Parang Volkswagen na nakabukas ang pinto," my dad once told me), and an improved version of my mom's nose. My beautiful mother calls me an "improvement of the race," though I think she's purtier. I have my dad's skinny legs. But they're all muscular now from all the running and dancing. I earned those damn muscles.

6. I'm OC about money in my wallet. The bills have to be arranged in ascending order, faces forward. And they have to be arranged with the oldest bill in front and the newest at the back per denomination.

7. I have two surviving older brothers (the eldest, Tonton, passed away two months before I was born), but I consider Kuya Vic (my first cousin based in NY) another brother. He's insanely, sweetly protective of me. I'm convinced I'd still be single if I had grown up with him around.

8. I am absolutely in love with my nephews, Anton and Diego, and niece, Marga. I taught Diego to say "Awesome!" so now he says it whenever he sees me. Awesome!

9. My chocolate crinkles used to sell like...hotcakes. My chocolate chip cookies too. But I got so tired of baking after spending way too many Saturdays in the kitchen.

10. I am deathly afraid of (and grossed out by) ipis, especially the flying kind. I can't even kill 'em coz that means I would have to go near 'em. The only time I've killed a full-grown cockroach was when I walked into a dark room and felt something crunchy underfoot. Like, eyew.

11. I have three best friends, all of whom I got close to at different points in my life: Bridel in grade school, Patching in high school, and Mads in college.

12. Strangely, people think I'm a romance-novel reader and chick-flick watcher. But I haven't read a single romance novel, and I only watch chick flicks on HBO.

13. Hamil asked me why I walk with my hands in my pockets sometimes. I wondered about it one time as I was walking with my hands in my pockets...then saw my dad in front of me, doing the exact same thing.

14. I don't eat polvoron, peanuts, kare-kare, and Pinoy fruits like santol, bayabas, sineguelas, and duhat.

15. My first kiss was stolen from me. In nursery school. By a dude named Honey Boy. I am not making this up. I wish I was.

16. It's narcissistic but I like my eye color, especially when the sun hits my peepers. It's pretty unusual. A friend described it as "maple syrup na dinaanan ng ilaw."

17. I can't whistle. Or ride a bike.

18. I have no solid dance training. I took ballet class for about a month before my parents pulled me out for some reason. It's one of my big sort-of regrets. But people say I might have a hard time doing hiphop now if I had taken ballet, so...yeah.

19. I'd like to live abroad for a year--maybe Spain. I'm still trying to convince Hamil to move the family there when the kids are in high school. We'd spend our weekends traveling to the different regions and sampling all their food.

20. One day, I'll be able to speak at least four languages fluently: Filipino, English, Spanish, and maybe French. And I vil rule ze vorld!

21. I'm allergic to alcohol but I drink anyway. I'm stubborn that way, but I know my limits.

22. I have "food and drink phases"--when I like something, I'll eat it every day for, like, two weeks. I had a sago't gulaman phase, a Chef Tony's cheddar popcorn phase, a choco-soymilk phase, an Oreo cereal phase, a quezo real ice cream with chocolate syrup phase (this one had to end because I started muffin-topping out of my jeans)...

23. Whenever Gladiator is on, I can't help but stop and watch it. I even recite the characters' lines with them sometimes.

24. I can run in three-inch heels. I had to learn to do it at my old office, when I was always running to the bundy clock to beat the time.

25. The first live concert I ever watched was...Menudo when I was in first grade. My dad took me. Now THAT is what I call love.

Again, I'm tagging everybody! Let me know once you've posted your own random 25.:)


  1. so... im guessing that you're scared of lighters and matches? i can light match but not a lighter. lol! silly us!


  2. Interesting.. I'll try to do this one day too.

    Natawa ako sa #10 mo, 'coz I remembered one time while I was driving alone, there was a roach that crawled up my leg. It was HUGE! The roach flew around as I was freaking out. I almost went over an island, through a garden. I was screaming so loud the security guards heard me from outside the car, even with the windows rolled up. They were shouting, "ma'am! yung preno! yung preno!"

    Worst roach experience ever.

  3. Abby, I keep thinking I would burn myself with a lighter. And one time I lit a match and dropped it, and it ended up burning the plastic cover of my textbook or something, so since then, I haven't lit a match.

    Janice, I was squirming the whole time I was reading your anecdote. *shudder*


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