Monday, October 10, 2011

What Would You Rather Be Doing Right Now?

That's a big question posed in this month's O Magazine. The feature--about finding your true passion--is something that really resonated with me because, truth be told, I have yet to find mine. I love my job, yes. I enjoy playing disc, for sure. I'm happy puttering about the house and cooking, true. But what is that one thing (or two or three) that'll make my heart sing?

Oprah says to ask three little questions to find your true calling (and it doesn't necessarily have to be your day job):
  1. How does what you're doing make you feel? "When you're honoring your calling, there's an undeniable sense of stimulation and exhilaration...It just feels so right." I don't have that feeling yet, of knowing that this is what I'm really and truly meant to do.
  2. Does it have a positive impact on others? "Nothing that really calls you is ever for you alone." My admission in number one does not come without some guilt--after all, my magazine reaches a staggering 244,000 (!) readers a month (based on the latest Synovate survey). This is a platform that I'm incredibly privileged to have, and yet, somehow I feel this isn't my be-all and end-all. I keep thinking that there's something...more.
  3. Does it turn up the volume and increase the vibration of your life? "When others see your light shining, they'll be inspired to shine theirs, too." Lately, I've been feeling like my light is fading--not that I was a shining beacon of inspiration to others to begin with. But I've just been feeling all sorts of restless and burned out. (That's due in part to the fact that I haven't been on a plane in three months.) I really do need a break (even my boss said so), to recharge, take stock, and really figure out what my calling is.
Tomorrow, ze huzband will help me figure it all out, with O Magazine as kodigo. Have you found your true calling? Share, share, share! I'd love to hear your story.


  1. I think I have, just not where I am right now. Le sigh. Thank you for the reminder to find that :)

  2. In my grade school yearbook, everyone already knew that I was going to be a dentist, so this was and is "the job". It is not glamorous. But I love putting a smile on people's faces and I love that how FREE I am. In a previous post I talked about missing out on the chance to ever join the corporate world --- and having office mates and company meetings. I still think about that. I wish to have a cool job like yours, though, that comes with parties and events.

    But I guess I can just attend people's parties, and throw parties if I want to have fun, like that. Hahahaha!

  3. I think I have found my true calling working at the Smithsonian. I've had daydreams about doing other things, but I think I would end up doing them for 10 minutes and hating it.

    Sometimes it's better to want than to have.

  4. I'm still searching.. thanks for sharing this one. Makes me think again.. =)


  5. My soul-searching was put on hold. Ha. Maybe tonight!

    Ric, I never knew you worked at the Smithsonian! So cool!

  6. I've no idea. :P

    Ric, I also didn't know you worked at the Smithsonian!! That IS cool.


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