Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Seventh Month

Awesome milestones before he turned seven months--and because his brain was on overdrive, we had to deal with a few weeks of this little thing called sleep regression: You think his sleep pattern has become predictable and then, bam!, he wakes up every hour to feed/be cuddled/no reason at all. Because his brain was processing so many things, he couldn't seem to get long stretches of sleep, and would sometimes wake up in a crawling position, freaking out because he didn't know what was happening. (Poor thing.) There were nights when I slept seated in my feeding chair, with him in my arms, because it was the only way he could get any sleep. Fun!

All worth it though, because the reason his brain was hyperactive was:
  • He discovered the wonders of opening and closing his hands. He has this look of amazement when he holds his hand up in front of his face!
  • He started sitting up without support...
  • He began sort of crawling. (Up to now, he hasn't quite mastered it, but his nanny thinks he's one of those babies who skip crawling and go straight to walking. Hmm.)

  • He started putting his toes in his mouth. (I wonder if this, er, achievement is included in Baby Center's list of official milestones...)

  • He kept being an absolute sweetheart.

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