Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't Have No Short Shorts, Man

Dear local shorts manufacturers,

I'd like to meet the aliens you make your shorts for. You know, those girls with no hips, no ass, and no thighs to speak of. For months, I have tried (and failed) to get pair after pair of cutoffs past my thighs. Each time, I have ended up doing a little dance (a few hops here, a wiggle there) in the dressing room as I attempted the impossible.

I'm petite, yes, but I have jiggly bits like 90% of women in the world. Bits that don't fit into shorts that were seemingly made for girls who haven't hit puberty. Birthing hips spring forth below the waist when a girl hits her teens. A pair of shorts labeled "26" is for a woman whose waistline is 26--unless I didn't get the memo that the RTW industry sells by hip measurements now.

Strangely, I have this problem when I check local brands or tiangges (which get their stash from, say, China, Korea, and Bangkok). But American and European brands are more forgiving. You'd think that an Asian woman would fit into Asian clothes. But apparently, my butt thinks it's Western.

To all other women who are still on a quest for the perfect pair of cutoffs, this one's for you.

Tishie Tishie


  1. Local and cheaper brands do not fit me. It's really frustrating. This is also the same reason why most of my pants/shorts are made of stretch fabric.

  2. Sigh. I should've shopped more when I was abroad! Oh well.

  3. Yeahhh them local pants/shorts are made for the skinny ladies. I always end up with pants or shorts with larger waistlines so I always have to use a belt. :S

  4. Same here! I rarely get a pair of jeans/shorts that fits perfectly on the HIPS... I really despise those made from BKK, China & VN. The measurements are patterned on their built. I think Filipinos are more on the bootylicious side haha! What I love shopping in the US is that I am wee smaller! I can pass to a petite size! and that's a M-L Philippine size equiv.

  5. Lei, I tried that too, getting a larger waistline just to accommodate the hips, but it's just such a hassle wearing a belt! Tamad. Haha

    Summergirl, yeah shopping for jeans is also a bit of a hassle! A lot of jeans tend to compress my rear. Sigh. Although I tried on a pair of Topshop jeans that fit perfectly before! Out of my budget then though.:s

  6. i can totally relate to you tish :) i am petite but bootiliciou :D sometimes i despise the butt because i cant find the perfect shorts :)

    off the topic: any suggestions to firm up the thigh and legs? im in to sports and yoga but lately been out of it. im getting the fats now :( appreciate your suggestions. thanks!

  7. Don't despise the butt! Despise the shorts! Haha.

    Re: firming up the, my thighs are jiggling with laughter at that question right now. Haha. But I hear core kinesis is pretty awesome at firming things up. I think it's a mix of pilates and plyo, and it's the exercise of choice daw of Madonna, Courtney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker. There's a gym in Legend Villas along Pioneer. Will try it soon!:)

  8. I've been trying to buy a pair of khaki shorts but so far, everything is too small for my hips. /:

  9. My husband says he'll back me up if I'm serious about starting a shorts company for girls like us. haha


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