Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tishie's Travels: What Else I Ate

I'm taking the tamad (lazy) route. I'm doing a phlog of stuff I ate in New York (or the New York area...which includes Hoboken) instead of going all food critic-y. Aside from not listing everything down (let's blame it on jet lag, shall we?), I was also kind of on vacation mode and just wanted to enjoy what I ate!

Flor de Sol
361 Greenwich Street, NYC

JC really likes the interiors. Dark and moody and sophisticated and kind of sexy. Kinda funny how you could look at another table and guess if people were on their first date!

Light dinner with my brother JC at this Spanish-Mediterranean place. One of JC's favorite tapas places.

Tapas mixta a la chef, $24. I especially liked the chorizo.

Shrimp on some kind of pastry shell.

The Melting Pot
100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ

Dessert. I used to hang out a lot at the Old Swiss Inn with my family, and the fondue was usually on our to-order list. So this place was right up my alley.

Yin and Yang fondue (dark and white chocolate with bananas, marshmallows, strawberries, rice crispies, and cheesecake!), $20 for a small serving.

The Hoboken Gourmet Company
423 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ

I wanted waffles but the waffle place was full, and Turning Point (which I absolutely fell in love with last time I was there) was a little out of the way. So JC and I ended up here, where I had steak for breakfast.

Me want meat.

Big brother had an omelette.

32 Spring Street, NYC

Snack with my East Coast-based teammates Lawrence, Mavs, and Greg (who flew in from Virginia just to hang one weekend!). This place in Little Italy is supposedly the first American pizzeria. To be honest, I thought the pizza was just alright. Maybe I just had such high expectations?

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
95 Orchard Street, NYC

Post-snack dessert. Finally! A friend asked me to swing by this place a year and a half ago. I went, but it seemed closed, and I figured it was because it was the beginning of winter! On my last visit, I realized that it may have been open but I didn't notice. I expected an ice cream parlor or something. Instead it was a hole-in-the-wall stall. No dine-in tables or anything.

Mine is the greenish gunk with caramel. The others got less experimental flavors like chocolate amaretto crunch.

My teammates and I were laughing at how we were having ice cream in around 40F weather. But we had nothing better to do, and we were in the area anyway. Loads of interesting flavors. I got basil! It tasted like pesto. In a good way! The aftertaste is even better. And the hot caramel I had drizzled on mine gave it a nice, sweet, warm kick!

Roxy Delicatessen
1565 Broadway, NYC

Post-dessert dessert. We dragged NYC first-timer Greg to Times Square for a token turista shot. (True to form, he was content just seeing Wall Street.) Mavs was itching to have cheesecake at this tourist favorite.

This thing had toffee in it.

Trattoria dell'Arte
900 Seventh Ave. between 56th and 57th, NYC

Lunch with Carl and our Hearst hosts/"co-workers" Aryanna and Peter.

Spaghetti alla chitarra lump crabmeat and shrimp with sea urchin butter sauce, $24 for a full serving.

Dessert selection

My choice: Tartufo

La Bonne Soupe
48 W55th between 5th and 6th Aves., NYC

Dinner with Ninang Tere (my baptismal godmother and one of the principal sponsors at our wedding) at this cozy little place. Little girl at next table: "Mommy, why is she taking pictures of her food?" Apparently, food blogging isn't as prevalent in dem shores.

Omelettes are $12.95.

Fondue au Fromage, $22.95

Yes, even after polishing off that tartufo a couple of hours before, I still wanted ice cream. With chocolate sauce please.

1300 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ

The view from LUA

Dinner with JC, our cousin Ate Lorie, and JC's friend. This trendy Latin-inspired restaurant is located right by the Hudson, hence the snap-worthy view of the NYC skyline.

Beef skewers

Chorizo skewers


Something we described as Cuban crispy pata, sans the crrrrrunchy skin (the best part!!!).

Stacks Pancake House & Cafe
506 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ

Breakfast with JC. Finally got my waffle fix.

Yummy cornbread--on the house!

For some reason, I tend to have strawberries when I'm in the US. Maybe because they're readily available, and cheap! Had this with scrambled eggs and a side of Canadian bacon. (And a "side" means four or five slices!)

Wild Fig
167 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY

Dinner with family.

Greek salad (greens, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, feta cheese)

Moussaka, $13.99. It's supposedly been called "the best moussaka I've ever had." I don't really know who "I" is in this quote. I enjoyed it, but I don't know about it being the best ever...

Sirloin steak (I think) and shrimp shish kebab, $14.99

I missed a few things because I didn't have my cam with me. Would have wanted to take pictures of our awesome office cafeteria! The salad bar alone was enough to make me cry. And salivate. And there was a sushi bar, a sandwich bar, a dessert bar...and there's a different chef each day whipping up a chef's special! I would kill to have that cafeteria in our Manila office.

So much food, so little time. This is a major reason I heart and miss NY!


  1. Dannng! My mouth was watering through the entire post. My fave photos were the trattoria (crab pasta? mmm) and the brunch pics. It looks like you guys had an awesome time, eating anyways!

  2. I love the brunch pics too. (In fact, I love brunch in general!) What's the food scene like where you're from? If money were no object, I would eat my way around the world!

  3. Gee, my stomach grumbled at your post! :) I will definitely come back to this post when I'm en route to NYC (should be around October). This is super helpful, Tisha! :)

  4. There are sooo many places to eat. From my last trip:

    You might also want to read my friend Celine's blog, She's from NYC and she's all about exploring the city and eating (and drinking) everywhere!

    I miss NY and am raring to go back (again!). Enjoy!


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