Monday, May 17, 2010

Tishie's Travels: My Best Friend's Wedding!

My darling, darling best friend Madhuri got married over the weekend!

Photo by Jamie Lihan for Imagine Nation

Will have a more detailed post about the lovely, fun-filled occasion in Cebu. For now, I just wanted to share how incredibly happy I am for her and her husband Mukesh! (Eep! I can't believe she has a husband!) Mads is one of the people I love the most. She deserves every happiness this world has to offer, and the best man that there is out there. I'm beyond thrilled that she ended up with Muks, who is such a great guy!

Mads has one of the kindest hearts, and she has this amazing talent of making each person feel special. She is smart and generous and she's always making pretty dresses for me! Haha. (Seriously, at events where I'm wearing something she made me, people always ask about my dress!) I think she got so stressed over wedding preparations because, well, aside from it being a logistical nightmare (people flying in from six continents for a destination wedding!), she seemingly couldn't shake the need to take care of every little detail herself. This isn't because she's an absolute control freak! Over the weekend, I realized that she takes on so much because she hates hassling other people. She hates it so much that she'd rather be hassled herself!

With gorgeous Mads at their sangeet

Exquisite as she is on the outside, she is even more dazzling on the inside! All the bling in the world (and at Indian weddings, there is LOTS of bling!) can't compare to her stellar personality! Congrats and best wishes, Madhuri (Rania) and Mukesh! I have a new brother! Yay!:)

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