Saturday, August 7, 2010

QT with Mumsy (or, I Heart My Job)

"So...this is my job!"

My first time to zipline! Not very graceful, I know.

Mumsy and I had just come from lunch, a press briefing, and a cooking demo, and were standing in our spacious, comfy room at Anvaya Cove. She laughed and said that it was why my nieces thought I had such a fun job. It's doubly fun when I get to share it with people I love! This particular event was for Eskinol Ageless, and we were encouraged to bring our mothers on this overnight mother-daughter bonding trip.

Our room at Anvaya Cove

Rewind to the day before. After receiving the invitation, I called my mom who promptly cleared her sched so she could make it to the event. The next day, we found ourselves in Bataan, where we were joined by two other mother-daughter pairs, and over a dozen other press people.

My mom and me with FHM contributing fashion ed Donna Cuna-Pita and her mom Tita Diana

The event started off with a buffet lunch, then moved on to a presentation about Eskinol Ageless. I didn't even know that this 65-year-old brand had started selling their own anti-aging line. I was pretty amazed to learn that their day creams and night creams sell for just P199 a jar, and that their toners are less than a hundred bucks a pop! No verdict yet though--I'm still waiting to see what it does to my skin after regular use. (On a side note, I am finally using toner. And yes, I can see that it removes dirt and makeup residue that a simple washing can miss. P.S. I used to use toner on my underarms! A friend recommended VMV Id for whiter, smoother kili-kili, and it worked!)

The creams come in sachet form too.

It was cool to take a trip down memory lane with Eskinol, as they showed us old-school commercials--Marian dela Riva, a turbaned Ate Vi (love her! Classic Eskinol girl!), the Cojuangcos, Sharon and KC, and even a friend of mine, Chinie (she's the one in the Matte N' Fresh TVC from years ago). After all the presentations, we sat back as the hilarious and super cute Chef Sylvia Reynoso and her kids had a cooking demo. Mumsy, who hardly cooks, was forced to showcase her kitchen skills in front of a crowd when host Issa Litton volunteered her.

(Top) With Chef Sylvia Reynoso and her daughter; (above) what Mom cooked: prawns in aligue sauce

After we feasted on all the stuff that was prepared (basmati rice, chicken barbecue, a salad, prawns in aligue, and mango sago--and this was merienda!), I went for a run around Anvaya. Too bad I didn't have my cam with me so I didn't get to take pics of the beach and the pool. After my short run, Mumsy and I got ready for dinner...and a glorious massage at the spa.

My masseuse Josie chuckled as she heard several cracks when she put her weight on my back. My body had been crying out for a massage for weeks, and the event allowed me to finally get one. Josie's adept hands set the stage for a good night's sleep.

By 7:00 am the next morning, my mom and I were back at the function room for a yoga session with Dunia de los Reyes. It was Mumsy's first ever yoga session, and she soldiered through it, gamely attempting poses despite having previously fractured a wrist and hip! She wasn't able to do everything, but I was happy that she at least tried to do most of the poses. A for effort!

Right before we grunted our way through the poses

Yoga took a bit out of her though, so she rested while I tried the zipline--the last activity for this packed event. I didn't feel nervous at all, despite the 250-meter line and 100-foot drop--at least not until the dude in charge got ready to push me! I let out a little squeal as I started to move, but "Eeek!" was soon replaced with "Oooh!" after I zipped along at a moderate speed over a whole lot of trees--if anything bad happened, at least there would be something to break my fall! After I got my feet back on the ground, I got ready to go back to Manila.

It was a very pleasant, intimate event. More than all the activities lined up (did I mention the free massage? Sigh), I especially enjoyed being able to spend time with Mumsy, and being able to share the fun side of my job with her!

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