Friday, November 18, 2011

Oprah Was Right

Fourth-grade teachers are pretty special. Oprah had Mrs. Dunkin/Duncan (it's spelled differently on two different episodes), I had Ms. Blas.

Ms. Blas was our Reading teacher 20 (!) years ago. Grade 4 wasn't one of my best years--this was when family life was going through a rough patch, and I think it reflected on my academics. But having Ms. Blas was one of the brighter spots that year--she was the nicest teacher I had, and it didn't hurt that she taught one of my absolute favorite subjects.

The last I heard from her was April 1991, report card day. That was the day she gave me a copy of The Secret Garden, which ended up becoming one of my favorite books--I read it every summer for years. Every time I read it, I would think of her.

Well, I had my own Oprah-surprise moment when I got this message a couple of months ago through Facebook:

"Good to see former students like you doing so well in your chosen fields. Was happy to see you as EIC of GH. Great job!"

She was no longer Ms. Blas, having gotten married soon after she stopped teaching at my school, and now has four kids (including a college student and a fourth grader--boggles the mind thinking I was that age when I had her as my teacher!). We made arrangements to meet up, and one of my BFFs (who was my best friend in fourth grade!) and I had dinner with her.

With BFF and the teacher formerly known as Ms. Blas. We also got to meet her husband. They're so cute together!

Oh, and that book she gave me 20 years ago? I still have it.

It's seen better days, but I still have it!

3 April 19-frickin'-91!

Twenty years. The story of our reunion is a Facebook ad waiting to happen.

Who was your favorite fourth-grade teacher? Are you in touch?


  1. I reconnected with my 4th grade teacher through Facebook. We haven't really talked that much because of our busy schedules. It's really amazing how much influence a teacher can have on his/her students' lives. I was a gradeschool teacher before and I'm happy to say that my former students still communicate with me. Next year, they'll be college freshmen already *sigh*...

  2. I'm so happy you have fond memories of your teacher. I think I have memory problems. I really can't remember much 'bout my younger years. I think that's sad :( But I do remember some events but not as clear as your memory of this wonderful teacher of yours :)

  3. This is so sweet naman! I haven't tried reconnecting with any of my favorite teachers when I was young! And yeah, napaisip ako when you said she has a child na college na... Hmmmm....

  4. That is nice! I can't remember much about 4th grade but I do remember some of my grade school teachers. :)

  5. What a wonderful post! She must have been very touched that you still have the book.

    My 4th grade teacher was very strict. She was an older teacher and old-fashioned. She was a great teacher, but not the kind you sought to stay in touch with. She worked us very hard and that made 5th and 6th grade relatively easy. I appreciate the work she and my 2nd grade teacher (another very strict one) put in to push their students. Some teachers can do it with charm, they did it with no-nonsense attitudes.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful teacher at a time when you needed one.

  6. I learned something new today--you probably know already. The Secret Garden was made into a movie in 1949. I thought it was a relatively new book (now I kow better) and I remember the movie version from the '90s, but seeing the old one on tv today was a shock. It was good timing after reading your post.


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