Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scenes from December

Because I barely got to blog in December, a few snapshots.

Brunch at a fairly new all-day breakfast place, Milky & Sunny...

Cheery, isn't it?

Dinner at my favorite, Ninyo, to celebrate 11 years with shekh ma shieraki anni (GoT fans would know what that means!)...

Oysters, three ways

D's "21st" birthday. Another "intimate" celebration that wasn't quite so...

The sweaty me can attest that I had fun dancing all night!

Two weddings in one day (one in Daang Reyna, one in Tagaytay!)...

Outfit details here

Our group winning first place at the Summit Christmas party...

Cheerleader na cheerleader! Photo by Red Redrico

The Warriors Christmas party, with our new recruits (woohoo!)...

Ang sosyal ng venue!

Noche buena al fresco with the family...

One brother, back from NY. Not shown: Our adopted British brother (long story)

A very quiet birthday...

At Silya't Sili for dinner

A quickie trip to Baguio for a wedding, my first time back after about 15 years. We took the deluxe bus, complete with fully reclining chairs, a lavatory, wi-fi, and even a "stewardess"!

At Camp John Hay. Sunnies can't conceal my eye luggage from the red-eye road trip.

On the road for about 10 hours. From Baguio, straight to Casa San Pablo to spend New Year's Eve with my family...

Dad stepped out for a bit.

Family, friends, food, and an extra five pounds--that's what December's all about!


  1. looks like you had a great time! the oysters look delicioussss

  2. I'm curious about the deluxe bus! Did you guys rent it or is it actually a public bus?

  3. yummy siguro ang oyster, nakakatakam.

    visiting from untouched islands of Caramoan. :)

  4. Mee, it's a public bus.:)

    Spiky, wow Caramoan!


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