Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polarized: My First Pole Class

My first stop after taking my first pole-dancing class was at a cafe for a hearty lunch, because doing things like this is one way to really work up an appetite...

Must lengthen neck

My second stop was at a drugstore to buy some Alaxan, because climbing that thing HURTS. It's been three days and I can still feel some pain in my arms, core, and inner thighs. Speaking of which, I found out that one of the best things about this form of dancing is that a little thigh fat is a good thing. Finally, a dance class where I fit in!

Some other surprising things I learned:
  1. An hour-long class is plenty. You'd think it's bitin, but even alternating on the pole with someone is enough to leave you exhausted (and famished). It takes a lot of strength to climb and hold poses!
  2. Doing spins makes you dizzy. I don't know why I didn't even think of that. I guess when you try to master a spin and do it repeatedly, it really gets to you. I'm told some pros even take Bonamine before getting on the spinning pole.
  3. My Polecat friend told me that every dancer has a strength--it could be legs, upper body, a bendy back, the actual dancing. I don't know what mine is, but given these thighs, it's probably my legs!
Will be back for more.:)


  1. Not for me... Couldn't get over the pain of my skin rubbing against the pole. LOL. :P

  2. You probably have multiple sterngths. It's not the same, but I loved climbing trees when I was a kid and it was great exercise.

    Happy pancake day!

  3. Moonpool, I was warned so I knew it was gonna hurt!

    Ric, I used to love climbing trees too! Now I realize that I took such stupid risks back then!

  4. Hi Tisha,

    I love your tale of your first pole experience. I've included it in a round-up of pole dancing virgin's first times on my blog to help inspire others who are to scared to give it a go. Thanks for your great writing!
    Caitlin x


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