Monday, February 27, 2012

Tishie's Travels: Water, Water, Everywhere

Or, "My Near-Death Experience.":s

Lei blogged about our trip to CDO/Bukidnon, which included a four-hour white-water rafting adventure. We don't have the official photos yet, just shots like this one from our friend Ivy's waterproof cam.

Three weird girls

So yeah, I fell (more like flew) out of the raft when we hit a rough patch in some rapids, and I hit my back and my thigh against some huge rocks. (That's what I get for obediently following our guide's instructions to go "Forward!" while everyone else was hanging on for dear life.) It all happened so fast, I was caught off guard. The hardest thing was not knowing when I would resurface from the rushing water and get some air. Thank God I didn't panic. For a second I thought about the possibility of drowning but just put that out of my mind and remembered what we were told during orientation: If you fall in the rapids, just get on your back and wait for someone to give you a hand. So I got on my back and promptly floated to the surface. I held out my arm and started feeling around: rock, rock, water, rock, oar--OAR! I grabbed on and was pulled to safety. I couldn't do much climbing back into the raft though as my body was pretty banged up. Thankfully, it wasn't anything serious. When it looked like I was fine, my teammate made jokes about how I shouldn't pretend like I'm in a live version of Temple Run.

So that experience. I had always wanted to go white water rafting, and now that I've checked that off my list, I'm probably not going to do it a second time. I think I would rather go bungee jumping again!


  1. Exciting and scary. My grandpa (and my dad) would be very proud of you. They both preached "panic and you're lost!" I've been thinking about doing a post on the subject--the times I felt an urge to panic, but didn't because I remembered they would disapprove. =)

    You seemed fully recovered hanging from the pole a few posts back, I hope it was quick recovery for you.

  2. Whoa. Good to know you're safe!:)


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