Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notorius P.I.G.

I've been remiss when it comes to reading InStyle, and only found out yesterday that the diva of divas, Miss Piggy, actually did an eight-page fashion spread for them in November!

Photo from here

What an absolutely brilliant idea! My favorite photo has got to be the closeup of her legs and feet wearing Brian Atwood platforms.

"I especially adore the way these shoes enhance my naturally svelte and statuesque gams." Photo from here

In an interview, Brian Atwood was asked about creating heels for Miss Piggy. His reply: "Oh my god. SUCH a diva. Her handlers… Before I even started the first sketch, I had a list of what she likes, photographs of her feet in certain shoes….I’m serious. Literally, we had a whole sheet--two pages--of what she likes, what her feet look like…she doesn’t like closed toe because her feet look chunky…they hang over the pump…she prefers strappy with adjustments…It’s true. Yeah, she was a diva, but it was definitely worth the shot."

Pig also granted her own interview:

Aaah! She even stunned on the red carpet at the recent Academy Awards:

Miss Piggy in a Zac Posen dress and Fred Leighton jewelry (no less!); Kermit in a Brooks Brothers tux. Photo from here

Other divas can learn a thing or two from this porcine princess!


  1. Ahlavet!! Taray ng shoeses! :P

  2. I'm happy attention is going to MissP instead of some out of control teenage celeb.

    I always laugh at myself after seeing the Muppets (or Triumph, the insult comic dog) because it's so easy to enjoy their acts and forget for a moment they're puppets. =)


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