Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three Years in the Making

In 2009, the Ultimate Warriors were the New Year League Pool B champions.

Three years later, we finally FINALLY won again.

Congratulations, Ultimate Warriors, my beloved team and 2012 New Year League Division B champs! Thank you to Makiling Ultimate Club, the kids who gave us a good fight during the finals, and who were ever so polite ("Foul po").

To my teammates, old and new: Thank you for all the effort you put in on the field, and your commitment to training. Thank you for giving my team of five years another championship at last. *sniff* And now, a song...

Now, go rock it in Division A!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ULTIMATE WARRIORS! I'm so proud to be a WARRIOR! I can't wait to play again with you guyz!


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