Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well, Hello There, Mr. President

You might have seen this plug on cable TV...

Inside Malcanang was produced and directed by Filipina Marnie Manicad for the National Geographic channel. Marnie is a good friend of mine, my ka-barkada since grade school. We're so thrilled that she was able to pull this off--while being a hands-on mom to two darling girls, to boot!

We were invited to the premiere a couple of weeks ago, so we literally got to be inside Malacanang.

Cameras were not allowed within the palace, so we took quick photos with our phones outside...before a guard promptly told us that photos weren't allowed on the street either.

With L, who holds a Ph.D. in botany, and C, who is a mom of one but is so much skinnier than me! Flowers were for the gal of the hour, Marns

At the gate, stickers were placed on our camera phones so that we wouldn't be able to take pictures inside. The only people allowed to take photos were official photographers. And so, I present my barkada's official photo with the President. How cool is that?

Marnie (in yellow) with the rest of our barkada minus four (one was busy with work and taking care of three kids; the rest are abroad), plus Marnie's sister and Mr. President, who joked that we were all schoolmates (he supposedly went to Poveda for kindergarten)

It kinda felt like prom, except we all went stag. (Marnie, of course was supported by her husband, reporter Jiggy Manicad.) It was so surreal seeing Marnie sitting on stage beside the President and giving a speech in front of cabinet members and press. We're all so proud of her.

Do catch Inside Malacanang, tomorrow night (March 18), 9 pm on National Geographic. No air dates yet for other countries, but keep an eye out for it!


  1. "Well, hello there, Mr President!"

    was able to watch it! :) Parang sabay rin pinalabas yung inside the white house :) Kakatuwa lang to see both and be able to compare the two! :)

    Love that outfit tishie :D BLOOMING!

  2. When I tried the outfit on, I modeled it for my husband and said, "You don't like it no?" He kind of processed it for a bit then said, "It looks...appropriate for Malacanang." Hahaha


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