Monday, April 9, 2012

Before and After: Old Chair

Finally, another item checked off my to-do list! I had been meaning to have this old chair repainted and reupholstered with fabric that I got from Real Living's style editor, Gwyn.

This chair is part of an antique-y desk set that I got from my mom's house. The matching desk has been turned into a vanity. You can see a hint of it in this post. And the chair?

So cute!<3

I'd been wanting to have this done for a really long time, but when I asked around for quotes, the prices I got were pretty steep (as in I could buy a nice, new chair for the same amount)). I finally thought of asking interior designer Grace Moslares, who took care of repainting and rewiring our house before we moved in. She gave me such a good price. If you're looking for a pro for your home projects, email her at

Hmm I should have had the desk repainted too...


  1. Oohhh... I'd love it in pink too! I wish I live near my family so I can drag some of their unused stuff. Hehe. Go repaint the desk na rin para terno. :)

  2. The desk will have to wait. Must make moneh. Haha

  3. i love it tishie!! can't wait to see it! must visit your home soon ^^

  4. It's so pretty! Kinda reminds me of Daphne chairs. :D

  5. Wow, the chair turned out great! It's a wonderful feeling when you find someone who does good work and doesn't charge a king's ransom for it.

  6. Oh, I just love upcycling efforts like these! Now it's so much prettier!!! Nice work Grace :) Great idea tishie :) I think Grace inquired about our scrabble pillows last Christmas..I don't think the order pushed through though :)

  7. wow... i love before and after pictures! this is really a job well done.

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