Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Ish, Out Now!

It's out! It's out! Our first ever Anti-Aging Special! (And our first Hollywood cover in years!)

You might notice a few little changes--we've got a new art director on board. 
Welcome, Kara!

While many may be excited to see a fresh-faced Katie Holmes on the cover, I'm most excited about all our anti-aging stories. We show you which products can keep your skin nice and plump, how to update your wardrobe, and what you can do to keep your home from looking dated. We even give a rundown of the food that can keep you sprightly (and those that can age you prematurely--yikes!).  Plus, we have a fun little guessing game, where you can guess the age of the real women in one of our features. They even let us in on their beauty secrets. (One woman's must-have? Vitamin E. She must be doing something right because at nearly 70, she has never had to dye her still-black hair!) We also feature four lovely ladies in their 90s, who reveal how they manage to stay active and full of energy in their ripe old age--two of them still go ballroom dancing!

Aside from all that, we've got a bunch of new sections, including a page for the lazy woman's workout (a staff favorite). This month: how to get abs without getting off the couch.

Sooo many things to love in this month's issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines, and all for just a hundred bucks!

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