Monday, November 8, 2010

Face to Face with Amy Perez

In case y'all haven't seen it yet, here's our November cover:

Cover photo by Sara Black

It features the lovely Amy Perez on the cover, who's experiencing a career second wind with TV5's talakserye, Face to Face. (Remember her on Palibhasa Lalake with Cynthia Patag? Well Amy is all grown up now, with two kids to boot!) Speaking of, have you seen this show? What do you think? One time, I tuned in to see a woman removing her shoe as she stepped onto the stage, poised to hurl her footwear at the offending party! But it's sort of like a Jerry Springer Show with heart--they've got three panelists giving advice, really trying to help the warring sides come to a compromise.

At the fun cover shoot: (from left) photog Sara Black, fashion and beauty ed Pia, me, creative director Carlo, cover girl Amy Perez, writer Curtis, staff writer Paula, and managing ed Kat

We had great fun at the shoot, because Amy has such a fun, easygoing vibe. She was constantly cracking jokes, and her zingers really made me laugh. From the dressing room, for instance, she remarked, "Ay! Outside of coverage area siya!" after trying on a particularly tiny dress. And what great stories she had to tell. I asked her how she deals with the stress from hosting Face to Face (if you've seen it, you'll understand), given that she sometimes shoots three episodes in a day. She says that she's learned to "turn it off" when she walks out of the studio. It's something I wish I could do, but I find that even at midnight, I'm still thinking about future stories for the mag. As creative director/former Marie Claire and Cosmo editor/former model Myrza Sison once told me, "You dream about cover lines!" Ah, such is life, such is work.

Amy, hot pink nails and all (needed for her role as Ina Magenta in an Enteng Kabisote movie coming out in December), talks about her career, her relationship, and her two kids in our kids' issue. Yup--a kids' issue. Flip through our pages to get some cool gift ideas for your godkids this Christmas!

We've also got our Supermarket Specials, featuring recipes you could whip up from those convenient supermarket finds. Did you know that those frozen carrots, corn, and peas (one of my regular buys) can be turned into a veggie pot pie, and not just a side dish? Mmm.

The issue is deliciously thick, with lots of other features--so worth the hundred bucks! Do get a copy.:)


  1. Wow she looks pretty good on the cover.

  2. She hasn't changed much since her Palibhasa days.:)


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