Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Suggestions?

Just got an invite to a work dinner in NY next week, and attire is "urban chic." Great. Another outfit to pack! How I wish I could wear something like this...

I'm not a religious Gossip Girl follower, but I do like Serena's clothes. Her life choices, on the other hand...

I don't exactly have an Emilio Pucci gold blazer, so my version of this would be blue harem pants paired with a fully sequined gold top, a black boyfriend blazer, and gold heels with thick straps. Alas, I think the weather is too cold for me to be going out with semi-bare legs.:(

So...what should I wear? Stylist Kat Dy kind of wants to work on my outfit with me when I get there. Sounds like fun, but I do want to have something packed, just in case. Preview Magazine's Cindy Go suggested wide-legged pants, saying they're big now and that camel "is the color of the season." What do y'all think? Do take into account that NY weather hits lows of 3ÂșC now!


  1. you would look cute in that gossip girl ensemble. :) but a sequined top might not help you with your weather concern... :)

  2. I'll be wearing a coat and scarf outdoors if ever, it's really just the legs I'm worried about.:o


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