Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tishie's Travels: The First Ever Good Housekeeping Get-Together!

"Your lipstick stains/On the front lobe of my left-side brains/I knew I wouldn't forget you/And so I went and let you/Blow my mind..."

Good Housekeeping Philippines associate pub Melody and I had a major case of LSS (last-song syndrome) when we heard Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" outside the window of our hotel room in New York City. It was probably blaring from a passing truck, and played for no longer than a few seconds, but we found ourselves humming and singing the tune all day. The next day, seated in a theater at the Hearst Tower, we chuckled as that very song accompanied the opening video for the first ever Good Housekeeping Get-Together.

This conference brought together all the editors and most publishers of GH from around the world. I got to meet such amazing women from such places as Mexico (whose editor was only a week and a half into the job!), the UK (I now have a place to stay in case I decide to go to London for the royal wedding next year!), and Kazakstan (yes, there's a GH Kazakstan!).

"Just in time/I'm so glad you have a one-track mind like me/You gave my life direction/A game show love connection/We can't deny..."

I can't tell you what it was like to spend three days with over forty people who had the same goal I had--to deliver the best magazine possible for today's "housekeeper." It was so inspiring to listen to such brilliant people from all the different editions, talking about the magazine we all know and love.

I was asked to give a presentation as well, and it was a tad bit intimidating, after hearing and seeing the others' brilliant presentations, but Melody says I did good. So phew!

That's me at the podium. Others onstage: Indonesia's Budiana, Ukraine's Viktoria, and Hearst International's Astrid.

Other activities lined up: cocktails, where we got to meet and greet everyone, a tour of the super cool GH Institute, and a sit-down dinner wherein we got to further bond with our international counterparts.

At Norwood with Mexico's brand new editor Raquel, China's Wendy, Mexico's publisher Mariana, and our own associate publisher Melody. My sequined top from Express, blazer and bangles from Forever21, jeans from RDS, clutch by Aranaz.

All in all, it was a frenzied three-day affair that left me with a renewed vigor to give our readers an even better Good Housekeeping Philippines. And the best part? I got to connect with women who can totally relate to the joys and challenges of nurturing this tried, tested, and trustworthy brand--my fellow editors, my soul sisters!

All smiles after an awesome conference: India's Manjira, Indonesia's Budiana and Titin, UK's Liz, Hearst's Kim, Mexico's Mariana and Raquel, me, and Melody

"Hey, soul sister/Ain't that mister mister/On the radio, stereo/The way you move ain't fair you know/Hey, soul sister/I don't want to miss a single thing you do/Tonight."

I hear that we'll be having this conference every year from now on. Here's hoping I don't miss a single one while I'm with GH!

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