Monday, July 25, 2011

My Week as a Single Girl

Day 3. Photo c/o Ms. Marlu. Still waiting for our photo with Wash SyCip. That's me with two-toned hair. Ack. My maxi dress from Tango.

While ze huzband went off to Bangkok, Zurich, and Israel, little ol' me was left behind. Sigh. What was I to do for a week without my better half? Why, move back into Mumsy's casa, of course!

"It's like I'm on vacation!" I texted Hamil, after seeing all the Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, and Lay's, the French Onion dip, and fridge full of low-fat milk and Chocolait. My mom kept asking me what I would like to eat. Champorado for breakfast? Check. Longganisa Lucban? Done. Meals that I don't have to cook and dishes I don't have to wash? Score!

Being sort-of single did make me realize one thing: Outside of disc parties, I don't really go out at night anymore. Partly because I'm not inclined to (I get sleepy by 11 pm) and partly because, well, my single friends don't bother to ask me anymore. Eh. Such is life. So my week was filled with more laid-back pursuits.

Day 1. Despedida dinner for Good Housekeeping's former managing editor, Kat. The baroness, as some people call her, is going abroad to study. She made my life so much easier and so I'm really sad to see her go. But I'm happy that she has this rockin' opportunity.
Highlight: Finally trying Galileo Enoteca after years of meaning to.

Day 2. A leisurely 5K run after a running hiatus.
Highlight: I'm so out of shape, but was glad I pushed myself to do it, at an oval no less.

Day 3. Hung out with old colleagues and good friends at the SGV Alumni Homecoming, Makati Shangri-La.
Highlight: Having a picture taken with maester Wash SyCip (who was wearing jeans!).

Day 4. I finally got my stolen (and expired) driver's license replaced! Woohoo! Plus, quality time with mom. Dinner at one of my fave restos was kind of disappointing (why did I order something I hadn't ordered before?), but we made up for it by hanging out with the kiddies for a bit (fun) before getting massages (ahh).
Highlight: Weighing in for my driver's license and finding out I'd lost about three pounds.
Lowlight: That's three pounds out of 15 I gained since I got married. Le sigh.

Day 5. Got into a minor car accident. And no, I was not driving! My mom's driver was. And anyway, it was the other guy's fault, a kid of about 19 who admitted that he "just spaced out." I was so late for training because we had to file a police report and all that.
Highlight: I still made it to training. And we ate at Army Navy afterwards.
Lowlight: Dude who hit our car asked to use my phone because he was low batt. I kid you not. I kinda felt sorry for the guy.

Day 6. Family lunch at Mom and Dad's.
Highlight: Inihaw na baboy, sinigang. Burp.
Lowlight: Not having a ticket to see my boy DRose. Sob.

Day 7. That's today! When I said goodbye to Mom, she said, "Come back soon!" Aww.
Highlight: Jetlagged husband sleeping peacefully beside me as I type.

Goodnight, everyone.:)


  1. 3 countries in a week! Whatever your hubby had to do, I'm kinda wishing I had to do them too!

  2. That was great for you to become single at least for a week

  3. Meedge, it was for business.:) Zurich and Bangkok were just extra long layovers!

    MSN, yup! But I much prefer being married! Haha


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