Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Anniversary Issue out now! And it features first-time GH cover girl Judy Ann Santos!

Here we are at the cover shoot...

(From left) Photog Lilen Uy, hairstylist Dave Grona, me, Juday, makeup artist Juan Sarte, and creative director Carlo Vergara

Juday was such a pro and so down to earth! Read about her life as a mom and wifey in the August issue of Good Housekeeping. Other stuff in the mag:
  • Your Self-Check Guide to Bumps and Lumps - We have a quick reference chart for those bumps, lumps, moles, etc. that you may find on your body. Find out if it's something you should or shouldn't be alarmed about.
  • The 18 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore - Do you know what it means when you're excessively thirsty all the time? If your man's always snoring? If you're tired all the frickin' time? Find out!
  • Do More in Less Time - Find out how to streamline that seemingly never-ending to-do list!
  • Our 1-Week Plan to a Great Night's Sleep - Do you miss getting a good night's sleep? The type that has you waking up in the morning feeling absolutely refreshed? We tell you what could be causing your less-than-deep sleep, and how to remedy it so you can finally get a great night's rest!
  • 8 Pieces, 30 Ways - With just eight pieces in your wardrobe, you can come up with a month's worth of outfits!
  • Under-400-calorie Recipes - High-in-flavor, low-in-calorie meals.
  • ...and so much more!
Available at newsstands, supermarkets, bookstores for only P100!


  1. Happy anniversary, Tisha! I love your magazine, I get a copy every now and then. It's really helpful to someone as undomesticated as me. I'm going to get a subscription once I get married. :-)

    More power to you!


  2. You live such a glamorous life ^_^ I wish I could see showbiz people in my own workplace :D

  3. Thanks, Dea!

    Chew, this is around 1% of the job. 99% of it is so not glamorous!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Tisha!:)

    i love Juday :) She looks so down to earth and very true.


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