Monday, July 4, 2011

Can You Believe It's July?

So half a year has gone by and what have I got to show for it? I went to Seoul and Shanghai for the first time, stayed at a luxurious villa in Cebu, ran a half marathon, went on a quickie Boracay trip, competed in my first international tournament, watched Janet Jackson live, got a promotion (sort of), had a few TV appearances and radio tours, got my first call from a headhunter...hmm, I wonder what the second half of the year has in store for me? And what's it got in store for you?

Well, this is what you're getting, for this month at least!

Did you read that explosive cover story in Yes! Magazine last month? Well, Jennylyn Mercado is our cover girl this month. If you did get to read Yes!, you'll know everything that this girl has gone through. Now how does she handle all that and still go through life with that lovely smile on her face? We found out, and we're sharing her secret weapon against all that stress!

A few of my favorite features, as seen on the cover:

Restaurant Copycats - Our associate food editor, Roselle, tried to replicate some restaurant faves. We don't name 'em in the mag, but we have tofu sisig (inspired by a certain chicken place), Kung Pao spaghetti (inspired by a pizza chain), and corn muffins (inspired by another chicken place), among others. I got to try some of the dishes and they really do taste like the restaurant versions!

"I Lost My Husband and My Daughter to Cancer" - Can you even imagine what this woman had to go through?! Such heartbreak! To lose two of your nearest and dearest--and within one year of each other! But the thing about this story is, the five women I interviewed went through so much, yet they turned all the difficulties into something positive. Amazing! Find out how this particular woman used her experience for good.

Other women in this feature: a woman who gave up her day job so she could spend more time with her kids (she ended up joining Avon and making MILLIONS), a woman who found out she had lupus, one who got an annulment, and another who "always felt like something was missing." Such interesting, inspiring stories!

How to Get Angry Effectively - We have a four-pager on learning how to manage your anger. I have a pretty quick temper so this was very helpful. I'm sure a lot of people have a hard time getting a hold on their rage, especially in this day and age when there are so many triggers--shorter attention spans, more horrendous traffic jams, and techno-stress!

Sooo many other features! Plus this month, GH is bundled with...

Get both magazines for just P125!

And have a great second half, everyone! Let's finish strong!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading the resto copycats feature!

  2. WIll grab a copy of the mag. :D I want to get the recipes LOL! x)

  3. Thanks again for the great article! I had a blast during the interview and photo shoot :D


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