Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Spicy Chicken Burrito Day!

My husband and I had a pretty awesome lunch at home yesterday. For some reason, I wanted to make burritos. And I'm glad I did--they turned out yummers, if I do say so myself!

I got mini whole-wheat tortillas, instead of the usual big ones. We ended up polishing off 9 of them. Har.

Spicy Chicken Burritos


2 chicken breast fillets
Onion, chopped
Garlic, chopped
Chili powder
6 small tomatoes, chopped
Onion, chopped
Garlic, chopped
Black beans, drained
Whole-wheat tortillas (the chicken's enough for about nine; you can probably make 4 or 5 big ones)
Rice, cooked (we're a brown rice household)
Cheese, grated
Sour cream
  1. Cook the chicken: You can opt to grill it, but I boiled it for a bit, just til it was cooked enough to shred. Then after boiling--yup, you guessed it--remove from heat, drain, and shred.
  2. In a pan, heat a bit of oil and saute garlic and onions. Add chicken, season with cumin and chili powder (adjust to taste--you can tell from the red chicken in the photo that we like it hot!). You can add a bit of salt and pepper. (Don't overdo it with the salt though--the black beans available in supermarkets pack a salty punch. I had to wash and drain 'em a few times.) Remove from heat.
  3. Make salsa: Mix together chopped tomatoes, garlic, and onions. You can add cilantro leaves if you wish.
  4. Assemble burrito: In the center of a tortilla, place cooked rice, chicken, beans, salsa, cheese, and sour cream. Fold on two sides (to seal) then roll. Enjoy!
Note: Should you decide to heat the tortillas, keep an eye on them. If heated too long, they become tortilla chips.:s


  1. well... that looks yummers!

    -robots in trouble

  2. This one went straight to my recipe notebook. Can't wait to try it out. =)


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