Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend Warrior

In my past life (meaning, pre-GH), I spent a lot of my weekends working on rakets. At Summit, we have what we call the Golden Rocket Awards, given to the top-performing magazines each year. Some people used to joke that I could win the Golden Raket Award. I would contrib to Candy, Seventeen, Yummy, Men's Health, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Total Girl, Martha Stewart Weddings, even GH. It was tiring, but I enjoyed it--boredom is not a great color on me. Plus, all the extra moolah paid for my trips (both in and out of the country) and my wedding. This, of course, was before I had to pay for things like rent, utilities, and my own toilet paper.

I don't raket as much as I used to (truth be told, I miss it), but after a looong while, I felt what it was like to have a packed weekend again! It started with Saturday. My first stop was a baptism, where I served as ninang to this little bundle of joy...

My goddaughter with her proud parents

After a quick lunch (I couldn't possibly say no to the Officers' Club fried chicken, so I really stayed to eat!), I had to rush to Timezone for another godkid's birthday. Here I am with my kumare, her second son, and my TF (true friend) Mona.

Former SGV co-workers, friends for life

And then, I had to make my way to Megamall for a GH event where I had to give the opening remarks. Horrors! You can make me dance in front of a crowd or teach a class, but I hate hate hate giving speeches.

With my no. 1 fan (it's a tossup between her and Hamil)

Afterwards, Mumsy was nice enough to give me a ride to disc training. And after that, my teammates and I hung out at a friend's new condo, where we loaded up on carbs.

I finished a 22-oz Big Gulp Gatorade from 7-Eleven before chowing down!

Not shown: The macadamia nut sansrival which was delish! But after two slices, my teeth started to hurt!

The following day was the start of the Malakas at Maganda league, which is the all-male/all-female league. Imagine the fun I had considering we only had a total of nine players, while our three opponents each had two lines. I didn't sub for back-to-back games.

Which brings us to Monday, when I could barely walk! Oh, to have more weekends like this. But with more QT with the hubby!


  1. Cute babies, cute friends, a great workout. I'm glad you had such a great weekend--aside from the speech, I don't enjoy them either.

  2. Freaky, we are all connected in some way talaga, I used to work with Ces. She gave birth na pala. I must drop her a note. Ang cool, I just stumbled upon your blog :)

  3. Wow! Parang celebrity schedule, Tisha! :)

  4. I want a lot of 'rackets'too! How do you contrib anyway? I could sure use the money!

    Anyway, thank you for your advice, Tisha! Also, thank you for taking the time to read my very, very long post!

  5. I think we all could use the money! Haha. Magazines just used to ask me, so I did writing and styling (setups and props).


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