Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would You Wear These Shoes?

I'm a high-heels girl myself but...

Ladies and gents, those are the 8 (yes, eight!)-inch Louboutin heeled ballet shoes, still with the trademark red soles. I think they were up for auction. The only way these shoes could be even harder to wear would be if the heels front?



  1. This pair must be worn only when you're near a hospital! Perfect way to get serious injury!

  2. I would wear it if I could.. did Lady Gaga wear them? Times like this I was a ballerina. Imagine going out with these shoes and everyone starring! O_O

  3. Oh my, scary naman! Sobra! Don't like!

  4. Over sa taas ang heels! Kaloka!

  5. hola que tal! estuve visitando tu blog y me pareció interesante, Me encantaría enlazar tu blog en los míos y de esta forma ambos nos ayudamos a difundir nuestras páginas. además estoy segura que su blog sería de mucho interés para mis visitantes!.Puedes seguirme en: tambien podemos acer un +1 en google para crecer.

  6. Hahaha. I love Mariel's simple answer! And it doesn't surprise my that Nikki loves 'em!

    Eu dany, puedo entender un poco de tu mensaje! Lo siento, pero no recuerdo mi Espanol ya!


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