Monday, August 29, 2011

The Problem with Tiny Feet... that you have to check 22 (count 'em, twenty-frickin'-two) stores before you find cleats in your size!

Those beauties are from Adidas in Power Plant, kids' size 5.5 (I'm a 5Y in Nike). I checked stores from Sta. Rosa to Trinoma. After days of searching, I finally found this just-delivered pair, in my team's colors, no less!

But seriously, 22 stores?! And here's the thing: You won't find women's sizes here. If you're a girl who needs cleats, you either have to have small feet and go for kids' sizes, or big feet and go for men's sizes. (Luckily, I fall under the first category, which means my shoes are cheaper. I think the men's version of my new shoes are over five grand!) The last time I found shoes in my size, I bought two pairs because they're just so damn hard to find.

Which reminds me, a moment of silence for my retired pairs...

Goodbye, Adidas cleats, which Pia wore during her MVP run in Shanghai. Farewell, Nike cleats, which didn't give me blisters. You've both served me well.

Sports stores, the disc community is growing and growing and growing, and lots more girls are playing disc. Please stock up, I beg of you. And include women's sizes too! Or I could just order loads of women's cleats abroad and resell them here. Ha!

So, my problem is cleats. Ladies, tell me--what do you have a hard time finding here?


  1. Indeed, being CUTE can have some advantages & disadvantages. Got my pink Converse hi-cuts from the kids' section too and a lot cheaper! So happy to finally have my dream shoes that I eventually wore them to our wedding. =)

  2. But on the bright side, when your prince showed up with the slipper, your foot slid in perfectly. =)

  3. I can never find a good bandeau bra. Disadvantage of having rather large boobs LOL


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