Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sweet Christmas

Just a quick post to greet everyone a very merry Christmas!

Yesterday, I did something I hadn't done in years: I baked cupcakes!

I love baking but our hand-me-down oven is so wonky that I hardly attempt it. I sooo wanted to bake a layered cake, but given the oven situation, I decided these were a safer bet. The flavor: My favorite red velvet with cream cheese frosting, with a recipe from here (I cut the ingredients for frosting by half though). The frosting looks a little sad because I didn't have a proper pastry bag. But I'm happy it tasted the way I wanted it to and the cakes were a vibrant red (as opposed to an ordinary chocolate brown)--perfect for Christmas. Plus, the house smelled like cupcakes!

Hope everyone had/is having a Christmas that's just as warm and sweet and comforting and delicious!


  1. That's a great smell any time, but especially at Christmas. Good work! =)

    Merry Christmas to you and you loved ones.

  2. The look yummy, Tisha! Also, that's how I used to pipe my frosting—our of a plastic bag with a cut corner! Haha!

  3. They look really good to me! My frustration is to bake goodies! :(

  4. Looks good tisha! I'd love to have an oven. Maybe I'll buy kahit na electric nlang -- hassle!


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