Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yoga for Two

Yoga studio Urban Ashram had a certification course for pre-natal yoga with Birthright founder Dr. Francoise Barbira-Freedman. I wish I could tell you I got certified, but all I did was attend one of their guinea pig classes! My good friend, yoga teacher/Runner's World editor/makeup artist extraordinaire Marie, who took the course, invited me to join a session a few days ago.

Dr. Barbia-Freedman with Marie. Photo from Urban Ashram's Facebook page.

Up until then, my only experience of pre-natal yoga was courtesy of Youtube. Some of the moves during class were similar to the video moves, so I was relieved to learn that I had been following something legit. Haha. The main differences between live class and video:
  • Partner interaction. For some moves, I paired up with a fellow pregnant lady (now on her fourth baby!); for others, I paired up with Marie. One girl came with her husband, another with her mother. I imagine this is a great way to bond, and that there's a stronger flow of energy.
  • More tutok. Since the class was mostly made up of teachers, they were very hands-on when it came to correcting and adjusting poses.
  • More TLC! The teachers were very considerate of the expectant mothers, propping up pillows, rolling up blankets, all to make sure that we were as comfy as possible.
There are also marked differences between regular yoga and the pre-natal kind. A few things I learned:
  • It's easier! As well it should be. I get out of breath doing a frickin' cheater's pushup now!
  • Pre-natal yoga doesn't really hold the poses. 
  • There's a bit of a fun element--some shake-shake-shaking involved, and the occasional shoutout to the little one ("Hi, baby!").
  • Must work on pelvic area. During the class, there were hip rolls and strengthening moves, I think to help with childbirth. (Or, at least, I hope so. I still can't imagine spewing another human being out of me! Ack.)
  • Must work on breathing. Dr. Barbira-Freedman helped one of the participants correct her breathing. One of the teachers taught me how to breathe in such a way that's supposed to make delivery (dare I say it) easier.
  • Must buy new sports bras.
My only photo from class, taken while waiting for everyone else. Apparently, three of us attended yoga.

Since it was a trial class, there were a few little kinks, but over all, it was a good experience. I felt sooo many cracks and pops as I stretched, and was so relaxed at the end that I had to really be mindful about staying awake (not an easy feat when you're kind of tried, lying on your side, and hugging a pillow at the end of class!).

For more info on Urban Ashram Manila and their classes, visit their website.


  1. Blooming mommy-to-be! Naks! :)
    Never done yoga so I can't relate! Haha! :) I can feel my muscles complaining though just reading and imagining! :)

  2. Maybe you should pre-natal, it's much easier. Haha


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