Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Shoe Addicts--Got Tired Feet?

"Are those...Louboutins?" OK!'s Lana asked with a little gasp.

Red-soled patent leather platform pumps! Now, if only they felt as good as they look.

"Um, no," I replied. I wanted to add that they were from Paris too...or, at least, my favorite fairly cheap shoe brand, Parisian!

These platform pumps are absolute darlings and, I believe, a necessity in every grown woman's shoe wardrobe. But I gotta tell ya, they hurt like hell. The heels I can handle--there's just something about the shape in general that doesn't agree with my fairly wide feet. Ah, fashion is pain.

I'll be the first to say that I don't have particularly pretty feet. A couple of years ago, my mom pointed out that my legs and feet seemed more worn than hers. I wasn't entirely bothered by it because I considered the imperfections battle scars--I did earn all those callouses and veins from all my running and dancing. But they're not particularly attractive when I wear shoes that exhibit the top part of my feet.

At an event a few months ago, a speaker talked about relieving stress and bringing on a good night's sleep by soaking in a tub of hot water and Epsom Salt. It was the first time I ever heard of Epsom Salt, and I decided to research. I read website after website extolling the virtues of this product, scientifically known as magnesium sulfate. I was sold.

I found a carton at hardware store True Value for about P500. (It's about as big as a milk carton, but trust me, the contents go a long way.) Since we don't have a tub, I brought out a little palanggana, filled it with warm water, and poured about a cup of Epsom Salt into it. I soaked my feet for half an hour, feeling the salt dissolve into the water.

When I removed my feet, I noticed that my prominent veins had pretty much disappeared! While the effect wasn't permanent (it lasted about an hour), it really amazed me to see a smooth, vein-free version of my feet for the first time in years. I became a believer in the wonders of Epsom Salt.

For all you shoe addicts out there, who suffer in often wear heels like I do, you might wanna give this a shot! Want more info? Check out the Epsom Salt Council's website.


  1. I think I need this... I'll try it too! I still haven't tried shopping at SM to check out the Parisian shoes... I'm never at SM!

  2. thanks for the tip! will try this too at home :)

  3. Hope it works for you girls! Wish I had a tub!

  4. Ahahaha! Parisian is so adorable. Unfortunately their shoes are killers. I can't wear them. Tsk. Have you seen Burlesque (Cristina Aguilera, Cher)? Wala lang. Na-mention lang Louboutins ahaha. La lang.

  5. Lei, i've seen burlesque! :) I love it because of the dancing and all and also...because it's about a girl taking control of her life and following her dreams.

    ooh...dreams and life. I love.

    going back, tishie..there's a centropelle version of the parisian pumps. they're higher and they're much much more comfortable promise :) they come in black, beige and bronze animal print. they're 1300 a pair :)

  6. Wow, that stuff has been around forever--my grandmother soaked her feet in Epsom Salt, but just to relax her feet.

    Your comment on Roma's blog is completely, 100% right--pick up lines are a waste. The best line is someone just being themselves.

  7. Lei and Roms, I haven't seen Burlesque. Haven't seen any new movies in a while.:s And, uh, I don't think I can get my husband to watch Burlesque with me. Haha

    Thanks for the Centropelle tip. I'd check 'em out if only I weren't on a shoe diet.:s I have another Parisian pair in nude. Love those, but they are killer. Higher? I draw the line at 4-5 inches! Haha.

    RicAdeMus, didn't realize Epsom Salt was an oldie but goodie. And I don't think I've ever given anyone who handed me a pickup line the time of day. My husband just had a normal conversation with me when we met and it rocked my world!

  8. I really need this. Thanks for the tip. ;)

  9. Roms, I enjoyed Burlesque, too, because of the fabulous performances. :) Tish, watch na. :P

  10. wow, thanks for the Epsom tip!! :)
    I really love your I want to be as fit as you are. :) So inspiring. More power Tisha!!


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