Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summit Crew

I was thinking about the Janet concert on Friday, and it made me remember this. (I don't have a video of this particular dance, so please pardon the link to Macy's site! ) That's me in the green hoodie and cargo pants. The one on the left is Mara, one of our teachers for the day. The others in class that day were a bunch of dance-lovers from a number of Summit titles--Candy, Seventeen (who later moved on to Preview and Martha Stewart Weddings), Marie Claire (now with Runner's World), Cosmo (the only guy in class!), OK!, Real Living.

This was one of our dance classes in 2008. My co-workers and I were obsessed with Bobby Newberry, and so we organized weekly (or bi-weekly) jazz funk dance classes. I asked a couple of the kids from my old org, the Company of Ateneo Dancers, to come and teach, and we would rent out a studio. Once or twice, I asked someone from UP Street to teach us. And on days when they were itching to dance but we couldn't find a teacher, they asked me to fill in.

This little trip down memory lane compelled me to dig up a video of another class. That's me, front and center. Can you tell that I like wearing this outfit to class?

Janet's "Feedback" kind of became our signature song, mostly because we practiced it to death. At my wedding, Martha EIC Tata had already said goodbye when the song started playing. She hurried back inside and onto the dance floor, and proceeded to do the choreography! If Janet sings this on Friday, I am so busting a move.


  1. Oh..those were the days... :) I'm proud of your move to organize classes for dancers and aspirants. that's what I call PROACTIVE. :D Dancing is part of my vision board so I'll probably go join lessons again soon! So excited hairography partner!!! :D

  2. Tishie...I tagged you in a post :D


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