Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pillow Talk (and a Bedroom Sneak Peek)

Was going through our linen closet and was pleasantly surprised to find a set of charming pillowcases that I had forgotten about...

These were given as a wedding gift, and feature iconic chairs by Le Corbusier (Chaise Longue), Charles Eames (at least, based on the website--I can't for the life of me remember what it's called), Eero Aarnio (Bubble Chair), and Arne Jacobsen (Ant Chair). Since I can't get my hands on any of these chairs just yet, I guess the pillowcases will have to suffice. Too bad they don't have my dream Barcelona Chair (white, please). Um, yeah, I salivate over designer chairs the way other girls drool over designer bags.

These pillowcases look so cute against our purple sheets, mocha walls, and painted headboard! In this photo, there's also a hint of our vintage sidetables--stolen inherited from my mom--IKEA lamps, and retro-looking iPod dock. Will do a house post once I finally get everything in order! I am so raring to get a humongous plant for the living area...but since a cactus (a cactus!) is practically dying in my care, I'm a little worried about how a larger, higher-maintenance plant would do.


  1. at first I thought the pillow cases were one of those matching ones that continue the phrase or thought of the other pillow case...sorry was that confusing...haha..anyhoo :) you know chichirikis? (did I spell that correctly?) hahaha...they are these wild flowers that grow anywhere...hmm...I loved those even if some claim they're just like bad grass (is there such a thing) or something..haha...I really have no idea what I'm talking about. golly!

  2. Cute pillowcases! Haha poor cactus. Hmm I should get a plant, too.

    Roma you're so funny. I have no idea what you're talking about :P

  3. Roma, ang funny mo! I have no idea where the chichirikis bit came from (or what it is. Haha)! I was gonna say something like, "ooh, wild flowers! I'd love to have those by my bed for styling purposes!" then I saw Lei's comment. Hahaha

    Lei, kawawa talaga yung cactus. Hamil took over cactus duties since he figured he might have a yet-to-be-discovered green thumb. So far, he hasn't succeeded in resuscitating the little fella.:(


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