Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feel the Love

I'm not sure if regular readers have noticed, but I tend not to rant in this blog. I've had my share of rants on Facebook and possibly in my past blogs, but I try to steer clear of negativity now because there's just so much of it in the world. I don't want to join the tribe of negatrons. (Which is not to say I'm totally positive all the time. In general, I air my grievances to my husband, my best friends--but not in a public forum. There is a time and a place for everything.)

So it's kind of ironic that I'm ranting about those who constantly rant. Har. Things that get me down:
  • A litany of complaints on Twitter. In the morning, it's about how horrendous traffic is. In the afternoon, it's about how work sucks. In the evening, it's about exhaustion and how the next day would also suck. (But isn't it awesome to have a car to get stuck in traffic in? A job that puts food on the table? A brand new day ahead?)
  • Thinly veiled patamas on Facebook. It bothers me how people can't just go right up to a person and deal with it face to face, and instead share with 900 of their closest friends how a certain someone is a cause of stress. It's weird when it's about an unnamed co-worker. It's just unprofessional. And immature. And so rude!
  • People who publicly complain about their place of work. No company is perfect, but biting the hand that feeds you? Really?
I know we're all entitled to freedom of expression and all that. But I truly believe in Frances's post about being Oprah-esque. Everybody is entitled to a good, solid rant, but I invite all those who read this to start focusing on the good stuff instead. Less complaining in blogs, on social networking sites, in real life. There's a lot to be grateful for.


  1. This is all so true. I never complain about my place of work despite some things I don't like {that's true, no company is perfect} especially on my blog. :D I don't like spreading nega vibes at all and I get exhausted writing about them.

    Yay for this post! =)

  2. But, Tisha, all I said on Twitter was I wasn't too happy with bleep-bleep! =P That wasn't a rant! LOL. Shet, I still got shit for that, no? So lesson there is DO NOT COMPLAIN. EVER!!!

  3. I hope my blog entries do not exude negativity! :) Contributing to things that distract you from getting what you want from the universe is the last thing I want for you! SENDING ALL MY LOVE and POSITIVE AURA TO YOU MY DANCE PARTNER!

  4. Yay Teeyah! Your posts actually say how much you love your work.:)

    Frances! You're so funny! I wasn't even referring to anyone in particular in this post. Hahaha. Hope all is well na. Let's complain to each other na lang. Hahaha

    Roma, good vibes all the way!:D And again, WHEN ARE WE DANCING?!

  5. Oops guilty! Although I only rant most of the time on Twitter coz I have less connections there hehehe. I try so much to be careful on Facebook to the point that most of my status messages are so blah and limited. :P

  6. Tishie, I found a great blog! Not sure if she's already your friend here :) Wenny Yap of Inside my bubble today. More law of attraction materials from this wonderful la-deh! :)Can't wait. I'm so excited!

    Thursday?! What is that dance studio again near your office where your friends teach? :D

  7. OK will check it out.:) Thursday...sige let's plan it.:)

  8. Yeah me too. I don't want to rant in my blog. I agree with you. There's just so much negativity around that posting a rantfest would only add to that negativity. Better focus on the things that make us smile :)


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