Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have a No-Fuss Christmas!

Grab a copy of our December issue to find out how! Easy pot luck recipes, dreamy holiday dresses, loads of gift ideas, and anti-stress tips to help you survive this most hectic of seasons.

Photo by Rene Mejia. Makeup by Kat Erro. Styling by Pia Rojas.

We've also got a little something for you Gleeks out there--Glee guest star Charice with her mom Raquel! (Yup, our little songstress will be back on the show!) They talk a bit about the whole Glee experience. (Did you know that other local stars auditioned for the show? Hmmm.) It was so interesting, listening to their interview, and learning about everything they had to go through before Charice found international fame.

Since I had my arm around her, my Glee sign was inverted. A friend says it's a broken "Pyramid." Har.

It was such a great experience working with this mother-and-daughter tandem. They were just so pleasant and down-to-earth! You'd think Charice would be all big-headed by now, but the entire staff was just so glad to find someone so...normal! How refreshing! It was also quite a treat to hear her randomly bursting into song. Wow.

This uber thick issue's only P100 so grab a copy now!

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