Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trip Tips and Food, Food, Food!

Can you believe it's March already? With a new month comes a new issue of my baby...

Our Bakasyon Special can help you plan your next family trip. We've got travel tips and detailed itineraries (including cost!) for trips to Tagaytay, Boracay, Cebu-Bohol, and Hong Kong! We've also got pages and pages of food, with recipes from three food-lovin' celebs, as well as meat-free meals that you can prepare for the coming Fridays of Lent. (Because we can't just have a Fillet-o-Fish every Friday, can we?) The de Belen sisters also share their own cooking styles (one has a gourmet palate; the other, a more laidback approach to food), and Janice shares her recipe for her yummy yummy garlicky prawns, which we got to try out at the shoot! Mmmmmm.

I'll let you in on a little secret: Because of the sisters' busy schedules, we had to shoot them on separate days. (Sssshhh...) So that final image right there (plus the photo in the cover story which shows the sisters sitting together) was a result of the combined efforts of our photographer Ocs Alvarez, creative director Carlo Vergara, and our production team! Pretty amazing, isn't it? I work with such talented people who have all these magic tricks up their sleeves!

Oh, and do you see that bit about a skincare guide? Did you know that the skincare products you use should change with the seasons? It's getting hot and sticky, and the weather is bound to affect your skin. So find out what products you should (and should not) be using during these sweltering months.

And! And! And! We've got a kitchen makeover contest--you could be our first winner of a P150,000 kitchen re-do! To find out how to join (and to get loads more uber useful info), do get a copy of Good Housekeeping's packed March issue. Only P100.:)


  1. hi tisha, can i just say that i love your welcome note. It was really eye opening for me. me and my husband like to stay simple and save save save. your note made me rethink if we are saving too much, if we are missing out on the good stuff, and when do you know that you have a little extra to spend. keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, Maqui! Thanks for your comment! Truth be told, editors sometimes feel that readers don't really read the ed's note, so this is a little surprising! May we publish this in our letters page?:)

  3. go ahead tisha
    i dont pay attention to editor's note usually but the bungee picture was impossible to ignore. :)


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