Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm on StyleBible!

It was Fire Drill Day, and while most people from our floor snuck out for coffee to avoid having to go down seven flights of stairs, I stayed behind. We were ferried to a vacant lot by what was supposedly the burning building. While waiting, the Real Living girls and I were making jokes about how StyleBible was going around snapping pics of Fire Drill Chic. The next thing I knew, they were asking me to pose!

Fire Drill Fashion: Sheer top by Essenxa, shorts from Jellybean, belt from Bangkok, sandals from Celine, hobo bag from Landmark

So it's just a regular getup, but I guess the Preview girls didn't participate in the drill, so there wasn't anything more thrilling to shoot. Har.

Thank goodness I wore flats that day. The stairs would've been killer in heels!


  1. Buti na lang nakaflats din ako nung nag-fire drill samin 2 weeks ago! :D

  2. love the green shorts! you look so pretty! :3

  3. You could wear that to the office!? *daya* hahaha :)

  4. 'Tis the season for fire drills! Although I think we should have earthquake drills too!

    Sugar sugar, thank you!:)

    Roms, we could wear anything to the office (during my interview years ago, I was told we could wear "anything...except business attire. Haha). I used to wear flipflops but when I hit 30, I stopped.

  5. Roma, envious din ako huhu. LOL. Oh well.


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