Monday, March 21, 2011

My, See How We've Grown

Pretty amazing that, at the recently concluded New Year League, there were over 30 teams!

Video posted by Ian

I've been playing competitive disc for over three years now, and it amazes me how things have changed since I began. Our team itself has had its share of changes...

Warriors then... (I think this was our first league)

...and now

It's weird that only six people (including myself) remain from that first photo. People have moved away, gotten married, had kids, moved onto other things. We've experienced everything from being in Pool C and being happy just scoring a single point, to becoming Pool B champions. I've said goodbye to people, welcomed new--not necessarily young (hullo to those above 30!:D)--teammates, tasted the sweetest of victories and the most bitter of defeats. I have played and partied with the Warriors, both in and out of Manila. And while during the odd league or provincial tourney, I may play for the Roaches or the Lolas, I keep going back to the Warriors, again and again. It's my family; it's home. It's where I was born as a disc player, and it's where I'll retire.

But not just yet. As long as my knees, my clumsy ankle, and freckled skin allow, I'll be out on that field. If my body permits, I'll be playing until I'm a true Lola!


  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. Is jumping very important in the sport? My tennis coach used to be amazed that I was fast, but could barely get off the ground. =)

  2. Nice! In this stressful world that were in, its nice to enjoy the things that we really love:)

  3. Oh wow! You got the video from Ian. I haven't seen that one. *lol*

    wait..i'll just segue to something're into interior design, right? :) Look what I've chanced upon...

    the book she recommended sounds like a good read :D i have no interior-design-bone in my body but I think I'd want a copy of the book :)

  4. Ric, jumping ability helps immensely. Advantage when it comes to high passes.

    Mav, yup. Now if only my skin weren't suffering.:s Ah, trade-offs.

    Roms, I love the Domino (may it rest in peace) book and Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic.:)


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