Sunday, April 17, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Yesterday, I had to work (sigh), went to disc training (gotta get out of my bano funk), and organized a baby shower (people seemed to enjoy it). Today, woke up late and nuked some leftover baked macaroni for brunch. Asked my masseuse if she could come over to relieve my post-training aches, but alas, she's not free. As I type, husband and I are enjoying day 1 of the NBA playoffs. (My Bulls gotta step it up. Indiana's got a lot of fight in them.) Am relishing my down time, aching muscles and all. Later, we have to go to a children's party and a family dinner.

Will do a proper post soon.


  1. excuses, excuses! haha :) don't worry tishie...we'll all be here when you're no longer busy! :) while waiting for you, i'll try to memorize dance steps na for our training. hahaha

  2. I hope the bulls make it.
    It's been a while...


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