Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tishie's Travels: Seoul

Dear Seoul,

You surprised me.

Despite my K-Pop-obsessed friends' near-worship of you, I didn't have any great expectations. You were a city that wasn't at the top of my to-visit list. But there I was, completely taken in, and wishing my husband was there to see you with me.

I loved the coffee shops that would pop up every few meters (and I don't even drink coffee).

I enjoyed roaming the packed streets of Myeongdong, stepping into your many cosmetics stores, doing some last-minute shopping, and learning not to take it personally when your locals bumped into me or pushed past me without a single "Excuse me."

And just when I was in awe of the modernity of it all (hello, heated toilet seats), you blew me away with a palace in the middle of the city--beautiful structures intermingling with your shiny new buildings. I love how, amid all the progress and moving forward at an impressive pace, you're still very much in touch with your soul.

You also gave me the chance to don a traditional Korean outfit while taking a cooking class.

And entertained me with a "non-verbal Korean performance"--which turned out to be a hilarious show with acrobatics that made my jaw drop.

You even gave me a touch of New York, the city I miss so much, with your Soho-like Hongdae.

I probably gained a couple of pounds during my short stay, courtesy of all the delicious food our hosts kept pummeling us with.

All the bibimbap and kalbijim and rice cake left little room for the enticing street food. (I did get to try some octopus.)

No matter--I'll be back with my husband someday. We'll munch on as much street food as we can, and try to go through all 300 kinds of your kimchi.


Some photos from Kath


  1. Hi, surfed in from Topaz Horizon.

    Just got back from Seoul, too. Kaloka lang when you get shoved aside noh, and usually by the "thundercats". :)

  2. Wow! I do think Seoul is a nice place to visit. :) Someday... :P

    I tagged you on a post! :)http://www.whiteskyproject.com/2011/04/10-things-i-love.html

  3. so that's where you came from! I was wondering where you've gone fishing :D a wonderful letter to seoul dance partner. Hope I could visit this amazing place someday as well! Here's to more travels for you tishie :)

  4. TwistedHalo, I didn't have to take the subway while I was there (we were shuttled around in a private coaster) but I hear the pushing and shoving is insane! (Parang MRT lang. haha)

    Lei, will do a 10 Things I Love post when I think of enough brilliant things to include. Har.

    Dance partner, yes, Seoul--fresh from Boracay. Haha. Tuloy, nagkasipon ako!


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